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Agios Nikolaos Beach_3 Days in Zakynthos

Spend 3 Days in Zakynthos on Greece Solo Travel

Looking at which Greek islands near Athens make a nice, quick getaway from Athens? Look no further. Zakynthos, Greece close to Athens, and I’ve got a great Zakynthos itinerary ideal for spending 3 days in Zakynthos that will supplement your Athens, Greece solo travel over 50 nicely.

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Lisbon Solo Travel Guide Portugal

The Complete Lisbon Solo Travel Guide

How to do first-time solo travel to Lisbon, Portugal? Read on with this complete Lisbon Solo Travel Guide, which includes getting to Lisbon and getting around, where to stay in Lisbon, top things to do alone, and solo travel tips for budget and eco-friendly travelers, geared to make planning Lisbon solo travel over 50 easy.

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El Retiro Lake Madrid-Spend 3 Days in Madrid Alone

How to Spend 3 Days in Madrid Alone Over 50

Wanting to add Madrid to your Spain solo travel itinerary and need ideas on what to do? Here is my suggested way to spend 3 days in Madrid alone, full of top attractions, perfect for the first-time solo traveler over 50 to plan a relaxing, long weekend in Madrid.

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Cybele Palace - Madrid Solo Travel Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Madrid Solo Travel

Start planning your Madrid solo travel over 50 right with my ultimate Madrid Solo Travel Guide, complete with getting there, getting around Madrid, where to stay, things to do in Madrid alone, budget and eco-friendly travel tips, and more.

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Oia Santorini at sunset_Guide to Santorini Solo Travel

The Ultimate Guide to Solo Travel in Santorini

If you’re planning first time Santorini solo travel, you’re in the right place. This guide to solo travel in Santorini will give you all of the information you need for first time travel, including getting there, getting around, where to stay, things to do in Santorini alone, and more.

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Solo Travel Essentials for the Beach Alone_Duquesa Cascais Portugal

Eco-Friendly Solo Travel Essentials for Going to the Beach Alone

How do you fly away on a solo beach vacation, or on a vacation with anticipated beach activity, knowing you’re fully prepared? Through many solo trips, even flying carry-on only, I’ve come to figure that out and now share with you my comprehensive list of eco-friendly, solo travel essentials for going to the beach alone for worry-free over 50 single travel.

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Kasjuni Beach Split_How to do a solo beach trip

Top Tips on How to Do a Solo Beach Trip Over 50

Want to know how do solo travelers go the beach and have a great time? Traveling near or far, use my top tips on how to do a solo beach trip, including how to plan, what to do, and what to avoid for fun and safe single travel over 50.

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Port of Split from bell tower-3 Day Split Solo Itinerary

3 Days in Split Solo Travel Itinerary

Want to spend 3 days in Croatia alone but not sure where to go? Put Split at the top of your Croatia travel list. I enjoyed my 3 days in Split so much, I created this 3 day Split solo travel itinerary and Split travel guide to help you plan your solo trip to Croatia so you fall in love with Split like I did.

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El Cap de Barcelona_Barcelona 3 Day Itinerary

Best of Barcelona 3 Day Itinerary

Thinking of spending a long weekend in Barcelona on over 50 single travel and need ideas on what to do? Use my Barcelona 3 day itinerary with Barcelona solo travel guide, including getting there, where to stay, what to do in Barcelona in 3 days, and more.

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1 Day in Coimbra Solo Itinerary and Guide

1 Day in Coimbra Solo Travel Itinerary & Guide

Looking to add more Portugal sights to your Porto, Portugal solo travel itinerary? Whether it’s a day trip from Porto, or a stop-over to Lisbon, add 1 day in Coimbra with this Coimbra solo travel itinerary and Coimbra travel guide.

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Prague Solo Travel Guide

Prague Solo Travel Guide – Know Before You Go!

Kafka, castles, beer, oh my! Prague is as diverse and charming a European city like none other I’ve visited. If you have been thinking of visiting Prague alone, then my Prague Solo Travel Guide will surely entice you to start making your Prague travel reservations.

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Nyhavn from canal cruise Copenhagen

Copenhagen Solo Travel Guide

When people hear “Copenhagen” they think of beer, tall people, canals, chic dressers, and Hans Christian Andersen. These are true but a drop in the bucket of reasons why you should put Copenhagen on your over 50 single travel bucket list and use this Copenhagen Solo Travel Guide to plan it.

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Pamplona Solo Travel 1 Day Itinerary

Pamplona Solo Travel Guide & 1 Day Itinerary

When one hears “Pamplona” they correctly think of Ernest Hemingway and the Running of the Bulls. However, this capital of Navarre has more to offer and is worth adding a Pamplona solo travel stop on your way from San Sebastian to Barcelona (or vice versa), even if to enjoy Pamplona for one day.

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Porto and Duoro River-Porto Solo Travel Guide-featured

Ultimate Porto Solo Travel Guide

The second-largest city in Portugal is not a city to be missed. Put Porto, Portugal on your list of best places in Europe to travel solo and let my ultimate Porto Solo Travel Guide help you plan your Portugal solo trip.

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La Concha Beach and Old Town San Sebastian Spain solo travel guide

Ultimate San Sebastian Solo Travel Guide

Wouldn’t you like to see what Travel and Leisure dubbed the second best city beach in the world on your upcoming Spain solo travel? You can, and get the best solo travel tips, if you use my ultimate San Sebastian solo travel guide.

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Armação Beach and boats-Solo Travel in Buzios Brazil

Guide to Solo Travel in Buzios Brazil

Looking for a great getaway from Rio de Janeiro on your Brazil solo travel? Check out Buzios, Brazil, less than 3 hours from Rio. Its beautiful beaches and opportunities for fun makes it one of the best places for solo travel. Here’s my Buzios travel guide and travel tips for having the best solo travel in Buzios Brazil for your Brazil travel

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Sugar Loaf Mountain Rio de Janeiro Alone

Traveling to Rio de Janeiro Alone: The Ultimate Guide

Traveling to Rio de Janeiro alone for the first time and need some planning travel tips? I’ve been to Rio alone, so let me help you with my ultimate guide on “what to know before you go” to Rio de Janeiro for the best, first-time Rio de Janeiro solo travel experience in this top travel destination.

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Waterfront_Queenstown New Zealand Solo Trip

10 Queenstown New Zealand Solo Trip Low-Key Activities

You’ve heard Queenstown is a popular place to stay in New Zealand’s South Island because of its iconic, natural beauty, but you’re not into extreme sports so you’re not sure a Queenstown, New Zealand solo trip is right for you. Let me assure you it is. Here are my 10 best things to do in

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woman on beach in Maui in 4 Days

4 Day Maui Itinerary for Travelers Over 50

Looking to plan a 4 day solo trip to Maui and not sure what to do? I did a Maui 2021 trip this past May (yes, during Covid) for 4 fabulous days. Use my eco-travel and Covid tips, with list of fun things to do in Maui, as your 4 day Maui itinerary and see if you have as much fun as I did.

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Long-haul Flight Essentials

15 Long-haul Flight Essentials for Over 50 Travel

You don’t have a friend or family as backup if you forgot something for your long flight when you’re traveling solo. Missing something on your packing list can be avoided if you travel with these 15 long-haul flight essentials. They will not only make your long, over 50 travel more enjoyable, but most are

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Europe Solo Travel 2021-Travel During Covid

Europe Solo Travel 2021: How I Traveled During Covid

How did I navigate the EU travel restrictions and successfully travel 7 European countries as an American traveler?  Check out my travel tips and what I did to prepare for travel during Covid-19, and traveled safely during Covid-19, on my 2021 Europe solo travel to make your Europe 2022 trip planning easy.

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How to Travel Carry-on Only

Top 20 Tips on How to Travel Carry-On Only

It is possible to do carry-on only travel on your solo travel over 50, no matter where or how long you travel. Just use my top 20 tips on how to travel carry-on only. These tips have worked for me traveling across multiple countries, even during a pandemic.

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Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Swimwear Brands

10 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Swimwear Brands (2022)

Looking to up your eco-travel game this summer? Peruse the top 10 eco-friendly and sustainable swimsuit brands, for women and men, this year that will show how stylish and environmentally conscious you are while on the best beaches for solo travel.

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One Day in Ghent_Boat tour

How to Spend One Day in Ghent from Brussels

(UPDATED 6/6/22) When last in Brussels on solo travel, I wanted to see more of Belgium by way of fun day trips. If this is you, too, then here’s how to spend one day in Ghent as an over 50 traveler that you’ll totally enjoy. It’s a day full of art, history, and beer tasting, that makes a great addition to your Brussels solo travel itinerary.

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Bruges buildings and canal

One Day in Bruges from Brussels Not to Miss

(UPDATED 6/6/22) Yes, you can do a day trip from Brussels to Bruges easily and without a car. See how I spent a lovely one day in Bruges from Brussels by train that completed my perfect Brussels travel itinerary as an over 50 solo traveler.

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Gardens at Palace of Versailles France

Day Trip from Paris to Versailles Tips and Tricks

(UPDATED 2/10/22) The Palace of Versailles is undoubtedly the biggest tourist draw in Versailles, less than 40km southwest of Paris. Yep, that means big tourist lines. If you’ll be coming from Paris, too, don’t fear. Read on to find out how to do

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4 Days in Paris - Paris Place de la Concorde fountain and Eiffel Tower

The Best 4 Days in Paris Solo Itinerary

(UPDATED 2/10/22) When tourists think “France” they think Paris. Steeped in history and culture, Paris should undoubtedly be on your bucket list of destinations as an over 40 traveler. Having any time to spend in this one-of-a-kind, “City of Lights”, whether one day to 4 days (or more), is never a

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Solo traveler at scenic overlook

Solo Travel During Covid-19: 15 Planning Tips To Know

With COVID-19 vaccines being administered in the U.S. and other countries, travel is starting to pick up again. If you’re one of the many solo travelers over 50 dying to fly the friendly skies (yes, they are still friendly), use my 15 travel planning tips for successful solo travel during COVID-19.

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sunbathers on beach Nice South of France

Spectacular South of France in 3 Days

(UPDATED 2/10/22) Where to go in France for a weekend? Hit the South of France. From the French Riviera to Provence wine tasting, this South of France in 3 days is a full, yet relaxing, travel itinerary – no car required.

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How to See Germany and Austria 14 Days Solo_Hohenshchwangau Castle

How to See Germany and Austria in 14 Days Solo

(UPDATED 2/14/22) Want to know how to see Germany and Austria in two weeks? Use my 14 day solo travel itinerary to see amazing cities in both Germany and Austria without a car, perfect for first-time solo and over 50 solo travel.

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Town Hall Munich

Best of Munich 4 Day Solo Itinerary

(UPDATED 1/14/22) If you’re planning your first-time visit to Munich, you’re going to love my ultimate Munich travel guide and tried and true Munich 4 day solo itinerary. It’s the best Munich travel for singles over 40 and solo travelers over 50.

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Ways to Travel Without Traveling Over 40

10 Easy Ways to Travel Without Traveling

There may be reasons why you can’t travel when you want to (who said “pandemic”?), but don’t fret. There are ways to feel like you’re getting away without leaving home. Try these 10 ways to travel without traveling over 40. They’ll get you through those tough, non-travel times.

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Lady pulling carry on luggage on ramp

10 Best Eco-friendly Carry-on Luggage (2022)

(UPDATED 3/12/22) Nothing goes with the best eco-friendly personal item bag like the best eco-friendly carry-on luggage. Here are my top 10 picks to support eco-friendly and sustainable luggage brands while reducing your impact on the environment in your solo travel over 50.

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Person in airport with hand luggage

10 Best Eco-friendly Personal Item Bag Picks (2022)

(UPDATED 3/12/22) Want to be eco-friendly in your over 50 solo travel? Using eco-friendly baggage is a good place to start. In addition to my best eco-friendly carry-on luggage, here are my 10 picks for best eco-friendly personal item bag for planes so you can reduce your impact on the environment while supporting eco-friendly and sustainable luggage brands.

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Plan Your Eiffel Tower Visit in Paris

How to Plan Your Eiffel Tower Visit in Paris

(UPDATED 2/10/22) When someone hears of Paris, they cannot help think of the Eiffel Tower. If you are going to Paris for the first time, let me provide you vital Eiffel Tower tips to plan your Eiffel Tower visit in Paris so you don’t walk away from

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Plan for a Solo Road Trip-The Expert Tips

The Expert Tips for Planning a Solo Road Trip

Want to see the USA solo by car but have no clue how to plan? Here are the expert tips for planning a solo road trip across the U.S. from the female, solo traveler who’s driven tens of thousands of miles across America.

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New York City 4 day Itinerary

New York City in 4 Days Solo Over 50

(UPDATED 4/4/21) Never been to New York City and have a long weekend to see the top sights solo? Here’s a great New York City 4 day itinerary for any first-time, or second-time, visitor to capture the most in

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How to Save Money for Solo Travel

How to Save Money for Solo Travel

By now you’ve read my first three steps in starting to solo travel:  Planning Your First Solo Trip,  How to Choose Your First Solo Travel Destination, and How to Create a Solo Travel Budget and thinking, this is great information,

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How to Create a Travel Budget

How to Create a Travel Budget for Solo Travel

You’ve finished Step 2 – How to Choose Your First Solo Travel Destination and now you’re pumped to get started on planning that solo trip. Take the next step: learn how to create a travel budget for solo travel to ensure a successful trip.

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One Day in San Francisco

Top Sights in One Day in San Francisco on Foot

Going to San Francisco for a day, or just have a long layover, and want to see as much as you can? For Free? No worries. I live in the Bay Area and have prepared a self-guided walking tour for you to see top sights in one day in San Francisco on foot. Yep, no car required.

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Venice 2 Day Itinerary and Travel Guide-featured

Best of Venice 2 Day Solo Itinerary

(UPDATED 2/11/22) If you’re using my How to See Italy and Austria in 2 Weeks Solo and planned your 4 Days in Vienna, you’re now wrapping up your Italy travel planning, right? Finish it up with my ultimate Venice travel guide and Venice 2 day solo itinerary full of bridges, canals, water taxis, history,

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Vienna 4 Day Itinerary and Travel Guide

Vienna 4 Day Itinerary for Unforgettable Solo Travel

(UPDATED 6/7/22) Using my Italy and Austria in 2 Weeks Solo Itinerary you’re now ready to plan 4 days in Vienna, right? Fabulous, because Vienna can easily be the highlight of your 2 weeks in Italy and Austria. Here’s my Vienna 4 day itinerary, with the Wachau Valley, perfect for over 50 single travel. It’s a perfect Vienna itinerary because it’s flexible enough to do in Vienna in 4 days, 3 days, or Vienna in 5 days.

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Salzburg on a Budget 2 Day Itinerary-featured

See Salzburg on a Budget in 2 Days Solo

(UPDATED 6/8/22) If you’re using my How to See Italy and Austria in 2 Weeks Solo and planned your one day in Innsbruck, let’s get you ready for the next leg of your Austria solo travel over 50 by learning how you can see the best of Salzburg in 2 days, even on a budget.

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Bike riders in Rio is Eco friendly travel

Top 10 Eco-Travel Tips for All Travel

(UPDATED 6/20/22) Want to know how you can protect the environment while you travel? Keep reading to learn about ecotourism and the top 10 eco-travel tips you can use to be “eco” in all of your travels.

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How to Tour the Hoover Dam

Top Tips on How to Tour the Hoover Dam

(UPDATED 12/24/21) If you are anywhere in the vicinity of Las Vegas, Nevada, touring the Hoover Dam is a must, but can be a hassle unless you use my tips on how to tour the Hoover Dam from Las Vegas to get the most out

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Verona on a Budget 2 Day Itinerary-featured

Best of Verona on a Budget in 2 Days

(UPDATED 2/3/22) If you’re using my How to Spend 2 Weeks in Italy and planned your 2 Days in Milan, you’re now wrapping up your Italy travel planning with finding out how to see my fair Verona on a budget in 2 days that include scenic views, a nod to Shakespeare, roman ruins, an amazing

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Milan Duomo - Budget 2 Day Itinerary

Best of Milan on a Budget in 2 Days Solo

(UPDATED 2/12/22) If you’re using my How to Spend 2 Weeks in Italy and planned your 4 Days in Florence, now you’re ready to find out how I saw Milan on budget in 2 days, packed with epic architecture and art, and an option for a day trip to Lake Como. Bonus!

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Florence Italy skyline - Budget 4-Day Itinerary-featured

Florence on a Budget in 4 Days Solo

(UPDATED 2/12/22) If you’re using my How to Spend 2 Weeks in Italy and planned your 2 Days in Siena, now you’re ready to find out how I saw Florence on budget in 4 days, packed with art, historic sites, wine tasting and an Italian cooking class with dinner. You won’t want to miss this

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Siena on a Budget 2 Day Itinerary-featured

2 Days in Siena on a Budget

(UPDATED 2/3/22) If you’re working on your 2 weeks in Italy itinerary, don’t miss adding these 2 days in Siena on budget, full with historic sites, Tuscany countryside, and Montalcino wine tasting.

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Rome Italy skyline - Budget 3-Day Itinerary

See Rome on a Budget in 3 Days Solo

(UPDATED 2/3/22) Read how to do Rome on a budget in 3 days (with Vatican City) perfect as a first time in Rome itinerary, budget or not.  I have done this travel myself as a mature solo traveler. So, yes, this 3 day trip to Rome can be done.

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Spend Three Days in Noosa Australia

Best Way to Spend Three Days in Noosa Australia

(UPDATED 4/2/22) Want to know how to spend three days in Noosa Australia for an awesome get-away? Check out how best to spend time in this resort region on the Sunshine Coast known for great coastal trails, strong ocean waves for

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5 Activities in Cairns Australia

5 Must Do Activities in Cairns Australia

(UPDATED 4/2/22) What are the must do activities in Cairns, Australia on vacation?  Here are five amazing, and sometimes free, activities in Cairns I enjoyed in five, leisurely days without a car. Try one on each day when you visit Cairns, solo or not.

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Florence Duomo-2 Weeks Italy Budget Itinerary

How to Spend 2 Weeks in Italy Solo

(UPDATED 3/11/22) As promised in my Excuses Not to Travel Debunked, I am going to tell you how you can do amazing international solo travel in as little as 2 weeks. So let’s start with how to spend 2 weeks in Italy solo without a car. If I can do this itinerary, so can you.

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Why Don't Americans Travel

Why Don’t Americans Travel More?

One of the reasons why I started CORR Travel was due to continual feedback received from fellow Americans about my travels, such as, “Oh, I wish I could go to…” or, “I don’t have the money (or time) to go to….”.  No matter how often I stated that, with some planning and time, they can travel. Yet, many don’t follow through. So, why don’t Americans travel more?

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6 Tips to Avoid Airport Lines

How to Save Time in Airport Lines

Remember the days when you could arrive at the airport 10 minutes before your flight left, cruise through security in ten seconds by just putting your baggage on the security belt, and walk right on to the airplane? Yah, those days are long gone. With all of the security measures, baggage lines and others we deal with, here are the best ways to save time in airport lines.

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Belize Solo Travel Tips for Solo Travel Over 50

Top 7 Belize Solo Travel Tips for Travel Over 50

You want to go to Belize on an over 50 solo trip? Of course you do.  Start your planning with these 7 must-know Belize solo travel tips, and my Belize Travel Guide, so you can get the most out of your solo travel over 50 to Belize.

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Benefits of a Tourist Walking Map

The Benefits of a Tourist Walking Map

Remember how I mentioned the importance of knowing your walking map starting and end points? Well, here is a little story as to why. You may not be so lucky to find a helpful local or tourist, such as myself, so know there are true benefits of a tourist walking map while you tour the city of your dreams.

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