4 Days in Paris - Paris Place de la Concorde fountain and Eiffel Tower

Best 4 Days in Paris Solo Itinerary & Guide (2023)

UPDATED 9/23/23

When tourists think “France” they think Paris. Steeped in history and culture, Paris should undoubtedly be on your bucket list of destinations as an over 50 solo traveler. Having any time to spend in this one-of-a-kind, “City of Lights”, whether one day to 4 days (or more), is never a bad call.

Put on your walking shoes for this 4 days in Paris solo itinerary is going to keep you moving so you can indulge in French goodies guilt free.

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All You Need for 4 Days in Paris Solo

Here are all of the sites you need to successfully book this Paris 4 day itinerary. I even give you my Paris hotel pick as a suitaby located, budget friendly option for this Paris solo travel.

I recommend you bookmark and use these sites early to lock in your 4 day Paris solo itinerary and get the best Paris travel deals.

For more Paris budget accommodation ideas, use my Guide to Budget European Accommodations.

If you’re a first-time traveler to France, also use my ultimate France Solo Travel Guide full of tips on culture, entry requirements, currency, tipping, using electronics, safety, and a lot more.

Paris Travel Packing Essentials

Best Time to Visit Paris

I love Paris in the springtime…  Actually, I could love Paris any time, but it is best during the off season when there aren’t so many tourists and you won’t have to wait in line for the major attractions like you’ll see in this 4 day Paris itinerary. 

That said, Paris can be crowded in the spring and fall, too. Considering Paris is a pricy destination, plan and book accommodations well in advance, and schedule it away from the high tourist season (late May through early September), if budgeting is important to you.

Montmartre District

Best Places to Stay in Paris

Undoubtedly, you’ll want to plan your accommodations to be fairly centrally located within the Paris city center and around your targeted attractions.

Paris is made up of 20 arrondissements (districts), the lower 8 being the more convenient. The further out from arrondissements 1 – 8, the less expensive it will be. However, you may get some good deals within these 8 arrondissements, or just bordering them, if you shop around and/or book well in advance.

Paris arrondissements

For more convenience, like saving time (Paris is huge), plan your stay close to a metro station and the train station(s) you’ll be accessing frequently.

For metro proximity and budget considerations, I stayed at the Libertel Gare de L’Est Francais, within the 10th arrondissement and just across the way from the Gare du Nord for my four days in Paris. The single room cost was ideal as a solo traveler and came with all of the amenities, including a wonderful breakfast, and ease for accessing this Paris 4 day itinerary’s sights.

Paris is expensive, so I would definitely stay there again if need be, if doing another budget solo trip.

Paris Hotel for 4 days in Paris
Libertel Gare de L’Est Francais

Unfortunately, I could not find an eco-friendly or sustainable hotel at that time. Going forward, of course, I would look again for this feature.

For location, price, amenities (including no pre-payment and free-cancellation), eco-friendly and sustainable operations, and customer reviews and ratings, here are my hotel recommendations of where I would stay near the Gare du Nord that won’t break the bank on solo travel:

Eco Travel Tips

In addition to Booking.com’s Paris Travel Sustainable properties, Green Globe and Green Key Global also have eco-friendly certified lodging options.


Totes Eco 'Brella
Totes Eco ‘Brella
Solgaard Carry-On Closet-blue
Solgaard Carry-On Closet
Allbirds Ecofriendly shoes
Allbirds Eco-friendly Shoes
Solgaard Juice Bank
Solgaard Solar Bank

How to Get Around Paris

Paris is a very large city, and using taxis and ride shares will make your transportation costs quickly add up.

As always, I recommend walking combined with public transportation as much as possible – it’s inexpensive, easy to use, and eco-friendly. This means getting to know the Paris metro.  The Paris metro is going to save you a ton of time, especially when trying to see Paris for 4 days.

For Paris sightseeing on this 4 day itinerary, purchase the 5-day Paris Metro Pass. It covers unlimited rides on all forms of public transportation within Zones 1-3.

To visit the Palace of Versailles on Day 2, you will need access to Zone 5. However, it’s less expensive to purchase the Paris St-Michel/Notre Dame to Versailles Rive Gauche/Château de Versailles roundtrip, RER C train ticket (at the St-Michel/Notre Dame station) the morning of Day 2.

If you are arriving or leaving Paris from the Charles de Gaulle or Orly Airport (Zone 5), you may wish to purchase your 5-Day Paris Metro Pass with Zone 5 included. You do the math on what works best for you.

Eco Travel Tips

If you do need to book a rideshare, select the Bolt Green or Uber Green options to support the use of electric cars and cleaner transportation in Paris.

For faster above-ground commuting and saving time in Paris, consider a fun ride on a Bolt or Lime electric scooter. Yes, even over 50.

Is it Safe to Visit Paris Alone?

I have been to Paris alone twice and never felt unsafe. With this particular 4 day Paris itinerary I was 47 and experienced no safety issues whatsoever, including traveling amongst the homeless and riding the Paris metro at night. Mind you, I had lived in Los Angeles prior and was used to the occasional panhandler, performer or intoxicated individual.  To me, the Paris metro felt like L.A. in French.

If you don’t feel comfortable walking or riding public transportation at night then consider adding rideshare or taxi costs in your budget.

Research your accommodations’ arrondissement for safety tips as well.

Best 4 Day Paris Itinerary

What can you see in Paris in 4 days solo over 50? Check this out. This 4-day Paris itinerary is packed with top Paris attractions. So much so, you may consider getting a Paris Pass. If not, individual tickets are available, of course.

Day 1 – Cruise Paris & Eiffel Tower

River Seine Paris France
The Seine

This Paris itinerary assumes your arrival is before noon on Day 1. For all things holy, don’t forget your walking map (your hotel should provide) and mark your hotel’s location.

Day 1 starts by wandering Paris within arrondissements running along the Siene. Take the metro line 4 to the Cité station where you’ll pop up above ground on the Île de la Cité in the heart of Paris. If you’re close, walk there – the Île de la Cité is connected by 9 bridges. Take your time to stroll around the island and open spaces enjoying the surrounding views.

Stop at the most popular island destination, the beloved Gothic style Notre-Dame Cathedral. Enjoy the open, place du Parvis Notre Dame (front square) and go underneath the square. Go behind it to the park, Square Jean XXIII, to better appreciate its ornate flying buttresses.

Unfortunately, as of the timing of this post, the interior is still closed for renovation due to the devastating, April 15, 2019 fire, but you can still see the exterior.

Notre Dame entrance on day 1 of 4 days in Paris
Notre Dame Cathedral entrance

When you’re ready to enjoy more Paris scenery, hop on a batobus for a Seine River cruise. What better way to see Paris in all its glory? Tickets are sold in 1 or 2 day passes, and you can hop on and hop off at any one of the small piers along the Siene – pick up is every 20 to 25 minutes.

From the Notre-Dame, board 15 minutes before departure (every 30 minutes) and ride about an hour to end up at the Eiffel Tower, your next destination and a Paris must do.

Batobus on Siene on day 1 of 4 days in Paris

Now, I know I say to always get to the biggest tourist destinations first thing in the morning to avoid lines, and you don’t get much bigger than the Eiffel Tower (in every sense of the word). Yet, you can’t go wrong checking this off your Paris bucket list on your first day in Paris, and this is a leisure day after all.

Eiffel Tower on day 1 of 4 days in Paris
Eiffel Tower

I recommend trying to time your arrival close to your pre-purchased ticket to the top. If not, just plan to be waiting in line. You can stay as long as you want. Night Eiffel Tower views are spectacular.

Take in some bubbly at the champagne bar or dine at Le Jules Verne. It’s up to you. Read my tips on how best to plan your Eiffel Tower visit. Just don’t stay out too late – you have an early start tomorrow.

Day 2 – Palace of Versailles & The Left Bank

Palace of Versailles day 2 of 4 days in Paris
Château de Versailles

Your second day in Paris starts early with a quick bite at your hotel, or a pastry and café to hop on the train for your visit to the Château de Versailles (Palace of Versailles). Catch your RER C train early to the Palace of Versailles Château Rive Gauche station, because the combined train and walking time will take about an hour if you’re coming from central Paris.

The Palace opens at 9am and being smart, you picked the first entry time of the day and have your audio tour pre-downloaded to your phone, so you’re off to gawk in awe at the opulence of the Palace of Versailles while learning some French history without wasting time. Read more on the best tips for visiting Versailles from Paris.

Your trip to Versailles could find you entranced making you want to spend all day amongst the finery, gardens, and fountain shows. If so, feel free to forego the remaining day’s itinerary. However, if you’re “palaced out” after a few hours or more (like I was), not to worry. Grab a bite one of the many dining facilities so you’re relaxed and refreshed for round two in Paris.

Art on the Left Bank

Outside Musée dOrsay Paris
Musée d’Orsay

Take the train to the Gare du Musée D’Orsay RER C for some amazing art at your next destination, the Musée d’Orsay. This museum on the Left Bank of the Seine holds its own as an attraction with its barrel-style iron and glass ceiling, open space and intricately designed hanging lamps that take you back to 1900 when it was completed as a railway station (the former Gare d’Orsay).

Add all of the amazing 1848 to 1914 art from the Impressionism and Art Nouveau periods and more, and you’ll be visually delighted for hours. I certainly was.

Musée dOrsay on day 2 of 4 days in Paris
Musée d’Orsay

Save time by pre-purchasing your museum ticket online, which includes entrance to the Orangerie Museum, and head to entrance C. Check the museum website for regularly scheduled concerts, performances and café readings.

A different option is getting a combined museum ticket for entrance to the Musée Rodin (Day 3), which is good for a single entry to each museum and valid for three months. Otherwise, simply get your Musée Rodin entry ticket alone.

Art Nouveau at Musée dOrsay Paris France
Art Nouveau, Musée d’Orsay

People inside the Musée dOrsay on day 2 of 4 days in Paris
Musée d’Orsay

Hungry? Rest your feet for a drink and light snack at the museum. When you’ve had your fill of art, wander along the Seine or explore more of the Latin Quarter. Stroll through the 17th century Le Jardin du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens) – the perfectly kept lawns are off limits  – before a night out of dinner and drinks.

Day 3 – More Art & Montmartre

You can get a lazy start on your third day in Paris. By now you’re either loving your hotel’s breakfast or seen more café’s you’d like to try for a café au lait and croissant (or tartine). Once satiated, head to the Musée Rodin (just south of the Varenne metro), where you can stroll the gardens and admire his epic statues, like The Thinker, in addition to other great art within the 18th century mansion. It opens at 10am.


Basilique du Sacré-Cœur on day 3 of 4 days in Paris
Basilique du Sacré-Cœur

Around noon, you’ll be traveling north to the Montmartre village, home to outdoor artists, street performers, shopping, steep hills and sweeping views, and the infamous Moulin Rouge.

Start with lunch in one of the many outdoor restaurants, sipping wine and watching the world go by.

Bistro de Montmartre lunch
Lunch at Bistro de Montmartre

Watch the tourists get their portraits painted or buy your own little piece of Paris. Street performers and musicians can be found around any corner on your way to the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, where you can pop inside to the tower for free or cop a squat on the stairs in front, a popular spot for people to gather overlooking the Paris landscape, which seems to stretch forever.

Montmartre artist Paris
Local outdoor artists
Street performer Montmartre Paris
Street performer

There is no timetable on this lazy afternoon.  Just enjoy soaking in the culture of this funky village with eclectic storefronts and wares. Just keep your belongings safe – this area has been known to have pick pocketers.

Start down the steep stairs slowly making your way through the village-style streets. Alley ways offer blooming flowers adding to the quaint feel of this area.

Montmartre stairs Paris
Montmartre stairs for exercise and views
Montmartre Paris alley
Village-style alley

Don’t forget to make your way to the Abbesses Metro, located on Place des Abbesses. This classic Art Nouveau metro canopy is one of the three remaining Art Nouveau entrances in Paris.

art nouveau abbesses metro paris
Abbesses Metro

Of course, an afternoon in Paris would not be complete without joining the Parisians in an afternoon espresso, wine or cocktail (not a café au lait – Parisians drink those in the morning) outdoors.  Don’t you just love Paris?

Cafe Limonade Paris on day 3 of 4 days in Paris
When in Paris…

It’s been a long day with a lot of walking. The rest of the evening is your call. Dinner closer to your hotel? Perhaps stay in the Montmartre village and catch a Moulin Rouge cabaret show at 82 Boulevard de Clichy. It opens at 9pm. The night is young in the City of Lights.

Day 4 – Champagne Day Trip from Paris

How does champagne tasting in the heart of the Champagne region sound?  It’s a completely doable option as an epic Paris to Reims day trip on the last of your 4 days in Paris alone and without a car.

Racks of champagne Veuve Clicquot champagne
Veuve Clicquot champagne cavern
Tattinger Champagne tasting room

Eat a solid breakfast and catch the morning TGV direct train from Paris Gare de l’Est, and you’ll be in Reims, France in 45 minutes with plenty of time to enjoy exploring Reims and the Reims Cathedral, lunch, and champagne house cavern tours and tastings. You’ll be back in Paris in time for dinner or, better yet, a gourmet dinner cruise.

Front of Reims Cathedral day trip from Paris - day 4 of 4 days in Paris

Read more on how to enjoy the best Reims day trip from Paris.

If you don’t have a taste for champagne, consider hitting the Musée du Louvre (Louvre Museum) or the Musée de l’Orangerie (Orangerie Museum) early in the morning instead, followed by a stroll through the Jardin des Tuileries (Tuileries Garden). Soak up the sun with the Parisians and a picnic lunch.

Jardin des Tuileries Paris
Jardin des Tuileries

The Galeries Lafayette (Chaussée d’Antin Metro), is great for grabbing a bite at anyone of its 24 restaurants and cafes, followed by shopping if that’s your thing. The Galeries Lafayette has it all: clothing, gourmet emporium, modern art, fashion shows, and a glasswalk magnificent stained-glass dome over a century old for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Drop off your gifts at your hotel, freshen up, and head out for your last night in Paris, starting with the Placé de la Concorde, where Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette met their fate by guillotine, now is home to a massive Ferris Wheel, where you can take a ride at night before dining at one of the top Placé de la Concorde restaurants – even Maxim’s, a Paris institution since 1893.

Place de la Concorde Ferris Wheel on day 4 of 4 days in Paris
Place De La Concorde Ferris Wheel

Walk off your dinner along the Champs Elysées where the Arc de Triumph awaits lit in all its glory for you to climb its 280 stairs for a memorable evening view of Paris.

Don’t miss the sparkling light show on the Eiffel Tower at the top of every hour. It’s short, but a must see before leaving Paris. Bon voyage!

Paris France at night
City of Lights

Let Me Hear From You

I would love to hear if this 4 day Paris itinerary for Paris solo travel was helpful to you. Post me your thoughts or questions in the Comments section below. Thank you!

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