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Hi, I’m Gwen, and I’m the Founder and Managing Editor of CORR Travel. Thank you very much for dropping by CORR Travel for your over 50 solo travel inspiration and planning. 

I know how overwhelming it can feel planning your trip(s) all by yourself, especially if you work or have kids, and have to fit your planning (and vacationing) around your busy life. 

Add the fact that you take the trip by yourself, pay for it all by yourself, and, well, you’re getting older…  it’s understandable if any personal safety, vacationing alone, or ‘is this trip worth the money’ anxiety starts to creep in. 

Hopefully, though, all of those feelings will be a thing of the past with CORR Travel.

Travel pictures of Corr Travel founder in Italy & Belize

My Mission

You can travel solo over 50, and my mission is to be your over 50 solo travel guide.  I want to inspire the over 50’s – working moms or baby boomers, novice or experienced travelers, men or women – to plan and follow through on their travel dreams with their best eco-friendly foot forward no matter where the vacation location. 

Travel pictures of Corr Travel founder in Brazil & Austria

My job here is to equip you, the over 50 traveler, with resources and knowledge from my solo travel planning and travel experiences – past and present.

Why? So, you can plan and execute your trip with fewer worries and feel more confident your dream vacation, or next bucket list destination, by yourself will be as successful as possible and feel it was money well spent.

Also, so you understand your travel dreams can be realized through solo travel at a later time in life.

Don’t worry if you’re not a solo traveler.  I’m confident CORR Travel will be able to help you for your travel inspiration and planning, too.

“You’re off to great places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
Your mountain is waiting,
So…Get on your way!”
 – Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go

About Me

Why should you listen to me?  I have over 25 years of solo travel experience, not to mention the years of traveling beforehand – from road trips to international travel – that I have planned by myself while on a budget and working as a full-time professional. And, I’ve never had a bad time.

Yep, I’ve managed to log some considerable time in the travel world while holding down a full-time job. Hence, you may see a lot of short travel itineraries. I used to like to pack in as much of an experience as possible on whirlwind trips because I never knew if was ever going to be back there. Does this sound familiar to you?

Travel pictures of Corr Travel founder in Portugal & Alaska

I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.  If anything, I’ve been expanding my territory and experiences. 

I started kayaking at 47; got my Open Water Diver certification at 48; and, started volunteering as a scuba diver (while getting my Advanced Diver certification) for marine and coral reef conservation work at 49.

I also started CORR Travel at 49. Yep, I said  goodbye to the full-time employer and upgraded my focus to my blog, independence, and working towards logging in more travel to hit all of those countries across all continents I’ve been longing to go to. Perhaps live abroad as well?

Travel pictures of CORR Travel founder in Belgium and Australia

Since then, I have also upgraded my focus to over 50 travel because, yes, I’m getting older, too.

Speaking of getting older, my travel has started to change with my age as well. Gone are the days of wanting to stay out late and eat and drink everything because, “I’m on vacation.”

Travel over 50 now involves taking better care of myself as in in getting up early, doing stretches and exercises, take breaks during day, imbibing when I can, and listening to my body when it comes to my travel diet. Comfortable clothing, drinking lots of water, being eco-friendly, and still watching my budget (I love my “breakfast included” hotels), all lend to traveling and living better. This will show through on CORR Travel, too.









Perhaps you care about my story or don’t. That’s ok.  The point is, you’ll know that my over 50 (and over 40) travels – solo or not – are not about to end any time soon so I can keep you “in the know”. You dream on what travel you want to do and I’ll do my best to help you get there. 

How?  I will provide you global travel guides on destinations I have traveled to; travel resources to help with your travel planning; and, my best possible travel planning and budget tips, travel itineraries, and voluntourism ideas through my travel blog.

As a bonus, I’ll add in safety tips and booking and product suggestions.

I also provide eco-friendly and sustainable travel tips and product and service suggestions. Did I mention I hold an MBA in Sustainable Enterprises, I am a LEED AP accredited professional, and I have an Environmental Sustainability blog, too?  Yep, travel is my passion but environmental sustainability is my “religion”. 

If you want more tips on how to lower your eco and carbon footprints for a more sustainable lifestyle, check me out on CORR Concepts (shameless plug).

But wait, there’s more!  For solo travel inspiration, I’ll provide my travel stories, photographs and videos to keep you motivated to go on that trip you’ve been dreaming about or are already planning.

So, breathe. I’m Gwen Corrie, and I’m here to be your Solo Travel Over 50 Guide.  Don’t worry. I got you.

Now, let’s get you traveling. Why wait?

CORR Travel
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