For mature travelers seeking adventure.

Solo travel over 50 doesn’t have to be scary.

Let CORR Travel be your travel over 50 guide.

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Join the crew of adventurous, responsible solo travelers over 50 getting access to travel tips, itineraries, resources and more.


The solo travel blog to inspire those over 50 who…

  • Want to travel but have no one to go with.
  • Are empty-nesters with time to travel.
  • Want to be their best, eco-conscious travel self.
  • Want to fit travel into their work schedule or travel in retirement.
  • Want to squash their fear of traveling alone.
  • Think they don’t have the time, money or know-how to travel solo.
  • Believe not traveling is not an option.
Meet the Blogger Gwen Corrie

In the 27+ years I’ve been traveling solo so I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “How do you go alone?” Now in my 50’s I still hear this. Read how this inspired me to create CORR Travel, the travel blog to inspire you to travel solo over 50.

continue TO Dream.

Create Your Plan.

launch Your adventure.

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Global travel guides with tips and insights, blog posts, sustainable and eco-travel information, photographs, and videos to plan your mid-life solo travel.

“Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!”

– Auntie Mame


Find updated solo travel resources, including booking and planning tools, eco-travel essentials, and travel, tech, dive and photo gear.

Why Travel Solo
Over 50?

The adventure doesn’t end at 50.
Make the 2nd half of life better.
Keep adventuring.

life is short.
Live it!

Appreciate new
environments & cultures

Boost your
self confidence

Broaden horizons
& perspectives

Breakdown social

Reduce your fear
of the unfamiliar

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