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The Ultimate Guide to Buzios Brazil Solo Travel (2023)

UPDATED 8/10/23

Looking for a great getaway from Rio de Janeiro on your Brazil solo travel?  Check out Buzios, Brazil, less than 3 hours from Rio. Buzios’ beautiful beaches and activities make Buzios one of the best places for Brazil solo travel.

Use this ultimate guide to Buzios Brazil solo travel with top Buzios travel tips for having the best solo travel in Brazil.

This Buzios Brazil Travel Guide is intentionally written for the solo traveler, the first time Buzios traveler, and/or older traveler (I am over 50 and have been solo traveling FOREVER) in mind. Yet, anyone can use this solo travel guide it to plan and book Buzios Brazil travel.

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Ultimate Brazil Solo Travel Guide

If you need more Brazil travel tips to supplement your Buzios travel planning, consult my ultimate Ultimate Brazil Solo Travel Guide full of tips on culture, entry requirements, currency, tipping, using electronics, safety, and a lot more to plan solo travel in Brazil.

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BEST Booking Sites for Buzios Travel

Here is a summary of the best booking sites I recommend you bookmark and use to successfully book your travel to Buzios Brazil solo travel. I use just about all of these for most travel locations. I even gave you my suggested Buzios pousada.

These booking sites give you multiple travel options and awesome travel deals for all travel budgets. They will certainly help get a jump on your solo trip to Brazil.

For the best travel deals, always book early.

Is Buzios Worth Visiting & Video!

Armação dos Búzios (“Búzios” for short) is a little Brazilian coastal city on the Armação Peninsula east of Rio de Janeiro.

“Armação” means “frame” in Portuguese, referring to the frame of a whale. Apropos as Buzios was once a sleepy, fishing village that was put on the map when discovered by Brigitte Bardot and her boyfriend in the 1960’s.

Buzios is known for its 20-plus, white beaches, causing Buzios to commonly be referred to as the “Saint-Tropez of Brazil”. 

It’s a charming town with a small, town center (Buzios Centro) of cobbled streets, shops, restaurants and bars, with a pier and ocean-lined, flagstone walkway making some of their best beaches accessible by foot.

Buzios Travel Packing Essentials

I’m not one to tell someone else how to pack, but there definitely some solo travel essentials I would recommend taking on your travel to Brazil, like the following.

This list of travel essentials combined can make your Brazil solo travel easier and more memorable while being friendlier to the environment.

Is Buzios worth visiting? Well, I stumbled upon it when I was looking for a diving destination close to Rio de Janeiro. I happened to end up there during a major food festival. Lucky me! I loved my few days of solo travel in Buzios Brazil. I think it’s one of the best places for solo female travel, or best place for solo travel period, in Brazil. I can’t wait to go back. Does that tell you something?

Best Time of Year to Visit Buzios

Like Rio de Janeiro, Buzios has it all for any time of year.

The weather in Buzios Brazil is fairly consistent year round in the high 70°s F to low 80°s F with the hottest months being January through March.

Orla Bardot stroll solo in Buzios Brazil
Orla Bardot waterfront in July

As a resort town, Buzios is popular year round. The Buzios high season is November to March (Brazil’s summer), but also June and July (Brazil’s winter).

There aren’t as many tourists, and prices are lower, May through September compared to the rest of the year. The only downfall is that the daylight hours are decreased in the winter, of course.

My solo travel in Buzios Brazil was in July, and I completely enjoyed the weather and water.

How to Get to Buzios from Rio

The closest airport to serve Buzios is the Cabo Frio International Airport (CFB), 35 kilometers away, or a little over an hour’s drive by rental car or taxi.

You can also fly into the Galeao International Airport (GIG) in Rio de Janeiro. After arriving GIG Airport, you also have multiple ground transportation options to get from Rio de Janeiro to Buzios. If it’s a long-haul flight, the quickest transportation may be best.

Search for Cheap Flights to Rio de Janeiro

Eco Travel Tips

Skyscanner provides a ‘Greener flights’ filter highlighting flights that emit less CO2. Additionally, you can purchase carbon offsets through your airline to lower your carbon footprint.


You do have the option to rent a car at the Galeao International Airport. Central Buzios is approximately 180 km from the airport, which could take you 2 hours to 3.5 hours, depending on the season, day of the week, etc.

For Brazil single travelers, I would recommend this only if you are comfortable with the area and speak Portuguese should you get lost or need to ask for directions. You’ll also need to ensure you have parking availability at your Buzios hotel.

Uber / Taxi

Another option is to take an Uber or hire a taxi. There are several taxis that service Buzios, but it or Uber could be costly.

Hotel Shuttle

Contact your Buzios hotel or pousada to inquire if they offer a shuttle service from either airport to central Buzios.

Bus / Shared Transfer

Taking a bus to Buzios is inexpensive transportation; however, a bus could take takes 4 to 5 hours to reach Buzios Centro.

There are several buses that run frequently between Rio and Buzios. Viacao 1001 is one option, but I’ve heard you need a Brazilian ID to purchase a ticket online. There are other Brazilian regional buses if you are not from Brazil.

There are also shared transfer services from Rio to Buzios and/or Buzios to Rio available that are inexpensive and reliable.

If your solo travel in Buzios Brazil is during peak season, you may wish to book your ticket well in advance.

Private Transfer

Hiring a private transfer is my recommended way to get to Buzios from Rio on your solo travel. I took a private car that I arranged through In Buzios. They were fantastic. I was picked up at my GIG terminal by a very friendly driver and was whisked away without delay to arrive at my pousada door 2 hours later.

I purchased a round-trip car service in advance so I didn’t have to worry about how to get to Rio from Buzios. The cost was reasonable and the service very reliable. I would highly recommend In Buzios.

Buzios Centro street and restaurants during festival
Buzios Centro

Reserve a Rio de Janeiro to Buzios Transfer

Getting Around Buzios

Central Buzios is extremely walkable. You can see much of Buzios and several Buzios beaches safely on foot. Buzios also offers minibuses that run the length of the main street, José Bento Ribeiro Dantas.

To explore more of the peninsula and its beaches, you could rent a bike in Buzios

You could also catch a taxi from central Buzios or an Uber to a beach for a short ride at reasonable price. Always using these, though, could add up on transportation costs.

Buzios water taxis are a great way to explore the beaches in Buzios. Round trips do not cost too much (R$10 – R$20). Water taxis depart from Canto Beach and Ossos Beach (both accessible by foot from central Buzios) and can transport you to Azeda, Joao Fernandez, and Tartaruga beaches.

Two to three hour boat tours are another fun and inexpensive way to explore Armação dos Búzios.

Top Buzios Boat Tours

Eco Travel Tips

Keep car transportation to a minimum by walking or riding a bike.

When booking an Uber in Brazil, select the Uber Green option, instead of a traditional rideshare, to support the use of cleaner transportation in Brazil.

Buzios Brazil Travel Safety

Buzios is considered safe making it one of the best places to go in Brazil for singles.

It’s low-key and quiet in the off season. You can walk around by yourself downtown at night to enjoy the restaurants and nightlife.

Colorful Buzios Restaurant on the Rua das Pedras
Rua das Pedras restaurant

During high season or a festival it can draw many tourists and turn into a party-town.

You won’t have to consider many of my Brazil travel safety tips in Buzios. Women and mature solo travelers should feel comfortable to safely solo travel in Buzios Brazil.

BEST Place to Stay in Buzios on Solo Travel

Buzios has a range of accommodations to choose from – from budget hotels to high-end Buzios resorts. It depends on the amenities and where on the peninsula you want to stay.

For first-time solo travel in Buzios, Brazil, the best place to stay in Buzios is in a pousada near Buzios centro.

A Buzios pousada is typically a small family-owned guesthouse, yet some hotels may even call themselves a pousada for the ‘charm’ factor, and can range in price from R$150 to R$600. A nice pousada near central Buzios can easily be found at a decent price.

My Buzios pousada recommendation is Pousada Vila do Mar. I really enjoyed staying here. Not only is it a Sustainable Travel rated accommodation by, but it’s in the perfect location, right in the center of Buzios and all the action.

Vila do Mar Pousada reception solo travel in Buzios Brazil
Vila do Mar

The pousada was walking distance to Praia do Canto Beach and Praia do Armacao Beach, close to where I caught my boat for diving, minutes from taxi and bus stands, and right around the corner from the restaurants and nightlife along the Rua das Pedras.

Fully equipped private rooms, friendly staff, pool and amazing café da manha (breakfast), the Pousada Vila do Mar had it all. I’d definitely stay there again.

Vila do Mar Pousada pool and patio solo travel in Buzios Brazil
Vila do Mar
Vila do Mar Pousada breakfast Buzios Brazil
Vila do Mar breakast

Reserve Your Buzios Centro Accommodation Early for the Best Deal

Eco Travel Tips

In addition to’s Buzios Sustainable Travel properties, Green Globe and Green Key Global also have eco-friendly certified lodging options.

Best Things to Do in Buzios Brazil Solo

Like I said, I went to Buzios to scuba dive. What I found was much more than ocean sports: dining, shopping, nightlife, relaxation, and outdoor activities.

Maybe you’ll find the following things to do in Buzios enticing enough to book your solo travel to Buzios, Brazil. It makes for a fabulous, long weekend getaway from Rio. Trust me.

Carmen Steffens Restaurant on Praia do Canto Buzios Brazil
Praia do Canto

Buzios Beaches

Staying in central Buzios gives you quick access to three very pretty beaches by foot:  Praia do Canto, Praia da Praia da Armação and Praia dos Ossos.

Actually, you can access more beaches on foot, it just depends on how far you want to walk. Catch the fishermen at work early in the morning on your way to find a spot to lounge for the day in the sun.

Fisherman working on beach Buzios Brazil on solo travel to Buzios
Buzios fishermen

Buzios has over 20 beaches to discover. Take a water taxi to seek them out and find a favorite.

Praia Azeda Buzios Brazil
Praia Azeda Buzios

One of the best beaches in Buzios is Praia Azedinha, quiet and tucked away on the northeastern side of the peninsula.

Praia Azedinha Buzios Brazil
Praia Azedinha Buzios

Praia do Forno is even considered one of the best beaches in Brazil. You’ll need more than just a few days on your solo Buzios trip to see them all. 

Buzios Ecotourism

Try one of the multiple outdoor, eco-friendly activities in Buzios, like hiking, rafting, rappelling, or horseback riding. You can find ecotourism excursions online to help you plan.

Buzios Diving and Snorkeling

“Mergulho” in Portuguese, diving is also a popular ecotourism activity, along with snorkeling. The waters are very clear with good visibility (visibility being best in the summer), making it good for beginners.

The coastal areas provide opportunity to see diversified marine life. I chose to dive with Buzios Divers, but there are other outfits available to choose from.

Dive boat-solo travel in Buzios Brazil diving
Buzios Divers’ dive boat off Praia Azedinha

Eco Travel Tips

Protect Brazil’s natural land and marine environment on your solo travel. In the water, wear reef safe sunscreen.

Avoid using single-use plastics when dining, shopping and on food or boat tours in Buzios to reduce plastic waste and your carbon footprint by bringing your own reusable collapsible shopping bags, collapsible water bottle, recycled plastic water bottle carry sling, and bamboo travel utensils so you’re prepared to travel with the planet in mind.

I always travel with the above items. Light weight and taking up very little space in my carry-on bags, I love the convenience and peace of mind these inexpensive, eco-friendly products provide.

Best Buzios Tours and Activities

As you can tell, Buzios’ location is ideal for many outdoor activities, on land and water. Here are some of the top activities I would recommend doing on Buzios solo travel.

Best Buzios Tours & Activities

Buzios Centro & Landmarks

Buzios’ charm and walkability is enhanced by it scenery and landmarks.

Píer de Búzios

One of the first things you’ll want to do is head out to the pier to take view the colorful fishing boats on the ocean. Take a look back to view the sweeping curve of the Praia do Canto Beach to the west and Praia da Armação to the east.

Man and boy on paddle board Buzios Brazil
Centro Buzios

Orla Bardot

Stroll east along the waterfront on the Orla Bardot. This oceanside promenade connects the center of Buzios to Armação and Ossos, some of the most picturesque sections of Buzios.

Tree on the Orla Bardot Buzios Brazil
Stroll the Orla Bardot

On the Orla Bardot, you’ll notice three remarkable Buzios landmarks created by sculptor Christina Motta starting from Buzios Centro and eastward to Praia da Armação.

Brigitte Bardot Statue

Brigitte Bardot statue on Orla Bardot Buzios Brazil
Brigitte Bardot statue on Orla Bardot

Tres Pescadores Statue

Tres Pescaderos Buzios Brazil
Tres Pescaderos statue

President Juscelino Kubitschek Statue

President Juscelino Kubitschek Statue Buzios Brazil
Former President Juscelino Kubitschek

Rua das Pedras

Head back on Orla Bardot towards central Buzios and connect with the cobblestoned Rua das Pedras (“street of stones”). This is Búzios’ main venue for shopping, dining and evening entertainment, packed with party-goers on weekend nights.

Walking along winding Rua das Pedras solo in Buzios Brazil
Rua das Pedras

Buzios Shopping, Dining & Nightlife

Buzios Shopping

Keep walking into town for diverse Buzios shopping opportunities.

Buzios Shops and Restaurants in Buzios Centro
Buzios Centro shops and restaurants

You can search for the trendy, explore jewelry of silver or semi-precious gemstones like amethyst, or explore genuine indigenous arts and crafts in the Artíndia stores of Funai (the government indigenous agency) and museum gift shops.

Buzios Restaurants & Nightlife

Central Buzios restaurants have all types of cuisine, and you’ll find multiple cafés, lounges and bars with outdoor spaces for people watching while sipping your caipirinha.

Buzios restaurant Buzios Centro Brazil
Central Buzios restaurant

The Orla Bardot has dining, also. For nice waterfront dining on fresh seafood, try the Madame Bardot Bar e Restaurante. The tranquil view of the water will make you want to linger.

Madame Bardot Bar e Restaurante Buzios Brazil
Madame Bardot Bar e Restaurante
Dining Madame Bardot Bar e Restaurante Buzios Brazil
Waterfront dining
Shrimp at Madame Bardot Bar e Restaurante Buzios Brazil dining solo in Buzios Brazil
Fresh seafood

Don’t forget that Buzios can be a party town. Some of the best bars and restaurants full of people are found on the Rua das Pedras. Bars can be open late into the night on weekends.

La Parrilla del Mercado Buzios restaurant outdoor seating on solo travel in Buzios Brazil
Outdoor bar on Rua das Pedras

Fest Gastronômico de Búzios

Bonus if you get to be in Buzios for the annual Fest Gastronômico de Búzios. It’s amazing. Happening over multiple weekends, the streets of central Buzios are full of food and drink vendors as far as the eye can see.

Fest Gastronômico de Búzios

This is some of the best food sampling in Brazil. Bars are full of music and the party goes well into the nights.

I lucked out on the timing of my solo travel in Buzios Brazil. I highly recommend you time your Buzios Brazil solo travel around the Fest Gastronômico de Búzios. Just book your centro Buzios accommodation early.

Lobster food vendor Fest Gastronômico de Búzios Brazil
Fest Gastronômico de Búzios
Food and wine vendor Fest Gastronômico de Búzios Brazil
Fest Gastronômico de Búzios

Let Me Hear From You

I would love to hear if my guide to Buzios Brazil solo travel was helpful in planning your solo travel over 50 to Brazil. Post me your thoughts or questions in the Comments section below. Thank you!

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  1. Hi, I enjoyed reading your travel guide on Buzios. It looks like a beautiful place.
    We will there for one day on a cruise ship in December. Can we visit on our own ? Do you have any suggestions for us to do from the port by foot ?
    Thank you !

    1. Hello! I’m very pleased you enjoyed the Buzios post. Yes, it’s a wonderful town. The people are very friendly. Buzios is small and very easy to walk around. If your ship docks with access to town, then you can just walk Rua das Pedras and Orla Bardot to access dining, shopping and beaches. Bring snorkeling gear for the beaches and you have an easy, inexpensive afternoon in Buzios! Have a wonderful time!

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