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3 Day Split Solo Travel Itinerary (2024)

Rev. 4/2/24

Ready for an unforgettable solo travel adventure in Split, Croatia? Look no further. This 3 day Split solo travel itinerary not only covers everything from ancient Roman ruins to pristine beaches, and fun water activities to delicious local cuisine and wine in, but it also does it in a budget-friendly way.

I enjoyed my 3 days in Split so much on this perfect Split itinerary I had to share it with you so you, too, can explore the best of Split and make the most of your short time in this stunning coastal city on the Adriatic (without breaking the bank).

As you’ll notice from the tips throughout, this perfect Split Croatia itinerary is intentionally written for the first time Split solo traveler and/or older traveler (I am over 50 and have been traveling solo FOREVER). Yet, anyone can use this travel itinerary it to plan and book 3 days in Split.

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All You Need for This Split 3 Day Itinerary

Here are all of the sites you need to successfully book these perfect 3 days in Split, Croatia.

I even give you my suggested Split hotel as a budget friendly and centrally-located stay in Split city center, an ideal location for Split Croatia solo travel on foot.

I recommend you bookmark and use these sites early to lock in your Split 3 days itinerary and get the best Split Croatia travel deals.

The Ultimate Split Croatia Travel Guide & Video

Don’t forget to use the Ultimate Split Solo Travel Guide to plan your three days in Split, Croatia. It is the ultimate one-stop-shop guide for all you need to know to plan your Split solo travel itinerary with:

  • Best Time to Visit Split
  • Getting to Split
  • How to Get Around Split
  • Split Solo Travel Safety
  • Packing Essentials for Split
  • Best Places to Stay in Split Solo
  • Best Things to See and Do in Split Croatia
  • Split Dining, Nightlife and Shopping
  • Best Booking Sites for Split Travel
  • Top Split Budget and Ecotourism Travel Tips

Want to see the ultimate Split Solo Travel Guide in action instead? Watch the very popular 15 Things to Know Before Going to Split video.

Discover Split visually while learning the top things to know before you go to Split, from getting there, getting around, where to stay, top things to do in Split, eco travel tips, what to bring, and more to plan your first time in Split.

If you’re a first-time traveler to Croatia, also use my Ultimate Croatia Solo Travel Guide full of tips on culture, entry requirements, currency, tipping, using electronics, safety, and a lot more to plan Croatia solo travel.

Split Croatia
Split, Dalmatian Coast


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Book Your Flight to Split Croatia Early to Save Money

5 MUST DOs in Split Croatia VIDEO

Yes, you will get to do all of these top Split things to do in this 3 days in Split itinerary. Watch the Split Croatia video and inspired to travel Split.

3 Day Split Solo Travel Itinerary

This Split solo travel itinerary provides some of best and free things to do in Split in 3 days. This uniquely well-preserved and historical city on the Adriatic is has just about everything you can think of to do, indoors and out. Better yet, you don’t have to break you bank on Split solo travel.

From the stunning coastline to the rich history and culture, Split has it all, including a UNESCO World Heritage site, further lending to its cache as a top Croatia travel destination.

Get ready for making unforgettable memories in this ultimate, budget travel 3 day Split getaway.

After this Split solo travel, you’ll be wanting to go back again (if you ever left at all).

Split 3 Day Itinerary Tips

Arriving Split City Center

After your Split Airport transfer has dropped you off at your city center hotel after check-in time, you’ll be excited to just drop off your bags and explore some of the old town and, of course, catch the sunset on the waterfront.

Along the Riva waterfront you’ll find multiple options for dinner and drinks and lively spots for late night imbibing and dancing.

Explore to your heart’s content. It’s a good idea to get a layout of the city center as you’ll be spending more time here for sightseeing and dining.

For more tips on where to dine, travel essentials, and more, use the Split Solo Travel Guide.

Riva waterfront Split Croatia
Riva waterfront

Day 1 – Split Old Town, Art & Beach

Enjoy a somewhat leisurely start on this first full day in Split, which also happens to be a budget-friendly day.

You’ll find how much you can’t stop wandering around this historic city and absorb the sounds and light glistening off the stone buildings. You can try to get lost in the maze of narrow pedestrian streets lined with shops, restaurants and bars.

You’ll also find beaches within walking distance that are free to access. Many, if not all, beaches in and around Split have lounge chairs and umbrellas to rent and bars on the beach ideal for having that afternoon cocktail in the sun.

Take your time on a lazy day in Split with this suggested itinerary:

  • Hotel breakfast.
  • Wander Old Town, Marmont Street, Pjaca Square, and Fruits Square.
  • Lunch in Old Town at any outdoor spot of your choosing.
Trg Franje Tuđmana Split Croatia
Trg Franje Tuđmana
  • Art at the Ivan Meštrović Gallery.
  • Sunbathe and swim at Ježinac Beach.
  • Short hotel break.
  • Fresh seafood dinner with local Croatian wine at Corto Maltese.
  • After dinner gelato at Gelateria Emiliana (it’s worth waiting in line).
  • Wander Old Town and Riva waterfront for music, drinks and people watching.
Ježinac Beach on Split solo travel itinerary
Ježinac Beach

Day 2 – Beaches and Kayaking

Your second day in Split is more active and involves group activities that are completely unforgettable. You’ll have such a wonderful time with these activities, you’ll be wondering how you enjoy so much of Split’s natural beauty and history and not be worn out.

Now, you may be saying, “I’ve never kayaked”. This is where I tell you, “Of all places to start kayaking, Split is it!” It’s easy, you’ll meet some fun people and learn alot from your informative guide. Plus, it’s a chance to hang out on more of the area’s epic beaches. People don’t give this Split kayaking excursion a 5-star rating for nothing.

I was the oldest person (early 50’s) in my kayaking group of 8 people and had a blast. Did you see the video above?

Cliff jumping at Kasjuni Beach for Split solo travel itinerary
Cliff jumping near Kasjuni Beach on kayaking trip
Dine on Skampi and wine on Split solo travel itinerary
Skampi and wine, Bistro Skalinda

Day 3 – Brač Beaches and Wine

Having thoroughly enjoyed Split and its natural wonders on the coast, day 3 in Split is your chance to go beyond and do a little island exploration on Brač, just off the coast of Split.

You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll get in on this self-guided day trip to Brač in such an inexpensive way.

  • Hotel breakfast.
  • The Split to Bol ferry (I recommend buying your roundtrip Split – Bol ticket in advance).
  • Port town of Bol.
  • Crkva Gospa Karmelska (Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel)
  • Boat ferry to Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn Beach) – less than 60 Kuna – or walk the path from Bol to Zlatni Rat.
  • Golden Horn beach lounging, swimming or other outdoor activity of your choice.
Sunbathers on Golden Horn Beach Brac
Golden Horn Beach, Brač
  • After a couple of hours of soaking up the sun, wine tasting and tour at Stina Winery (or hang at the beach longer and try some windsurfing, jet-skiing, or stand-up paddle boarding). Zlatni Rat has it all.
  • Ferry back to Split (don’t miss the last one of the day).
  • Hotel to freshen up for dinner.
  • Dinner at Bepa! or another establishment that caught your eye.
Bol Port & Stina Winery Brac Croatia
Stina Winery, Bol Port

Day 4 – Split Itinerary Option

Split in 3 days allows you to capture much of what Split has to offer. If you have time to spend 4 days in Split, however, I would recommend getting out to see more of Croatia on day 4 by way of a day trip from Split.

As I say in my Split Solo Travel Guide, Split is an ideal jumping off point to see more islands – like Hvar and Korčula, more cities – like Trogir, and UNESCO World Heritage sites – like Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Here are what I would consider the top day trips from Split to choose from to round out your 4 days in Croatia.

Best Day Trips from Split for Day 4

Let Me Hear From You

I would love to hear if this budget-friendly 3 day Split solo travel itinerary (or 4 day Split itinerary) was helpful to you. Post me your thoughts or questions in the Comments section below. Thank you!

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