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The best way to plan any international trip, no matter where you live, where you’re going, new to international travel or need a refresher on what to do.

Are you new to international travel?
Perhaps you haven’t traveled internationally in many years?
Not sure what to take care of to plan a successful international trip?
Want to make sure you don’t forget anything?

Of course you do! That’s why you’re here. You’re looking for that all-encompassing assistance from a solo traveler who’s been traveling internationally to over 25 countries over 28 years.

Experienced International Travel Planning at YOUR Fingertips

No matter how many times I travel abroad, I’m afraid I’m going to forget something. You, too?

To make sure that doesn’t happen, I created a FULL PROOF TRAVEL CHECKLIST to use that works SO well, so I had to share.

This travel checklist is so COMPRENSIVE, it takes you through SIX PHASES of planning, from the completion of your itinerary to when you board the plane, my checklist will keep you on track so you don’t miss a thing.

Each phase will have you doing something new, or going back to check, just to make sure nothing has changed to trip (pardon the pun) you up so you’re not scrambling at the last minute to fix anything or have anything go wrong.

Planning an international trip last minute? No problem! Simply scan through all phases just to make sure you’re covered.

If you have over a year to plan your international trip, which is ideal, this list will give you peace of mind knowing you can leisurely check items off the ‘to do’ list without the stress.

MY International Travel Checklist PDF TAKES OUT the GUESSWORK for planning your international trip. What does it include?

This International Travel Checklist includes…


Exchange rates,
Travel advisories,
Air travel,
Booking accommodations,
Embassy sites,
Safety alerts,
Entry requirements,
Travel insurance,
Credit cards,
Preparing your devices, and
CORR Travel International Travel Checklist 2023

Get THE Travel Checklist below

SAVE YOURSELF A HEADACHE trying to figure out all you need to complete before your international trip.

It doesn’t matter where you live or where you’re going. My TRIED AND TRUE International Travel Checklist takes away that headache so you’re not stressing out before (or during) your trip abroad. I got you!

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