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sunbathers on beach Nice South of France

Spectacular South of France in 3 Days

(UPDATED 2/10/22) Where to go in France for a weekend? Hit the South of France. From the French Riviera to Provence wine tasting, this South of France in 3 days is a full, yet relaxing, travel itinerary – no car required.

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Port of Split from bell tower-3 Day Split Solo Itinerary

3 Days in Split Solo Travel Itinerary

Want to spend 3 days in Croatia alone but not sure where to go? Put Split at the top of your Croatia travel list. I enjoyed my 3 days in Split so much, I created this 3 day Split solo travel itinerary and Split travel guide to help you plan your solo trip to Croatia so you fall in love with Split like I did.

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El Cap de Barcelona_Barcelona 3 Day Itinerary

Best of Barcelona 3 Day Itinerary

Thinking of spending a long weekend in Barcelona on over 50 single travel and need ideas on what to do? Use my Barcelona 3 day itinerary with Barcelona solo travel guide, including getting there, where to stay, what to do in Barcelona in 3 days, and more.

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1 Day in Coimbra Solo Itinerary and Guide

1 Day in Coimbra Solo Travel Itinerary & Guide

Looking to add more Portugal sights to your Porto, Portugal solo travel itinerary? Whether it’s a day trip from Porto, or a stop-over to Lisbon, add 1 day in Coimbra with this Coimbra solo travel itinerary and Coimbra travel guide.

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Pamplona Solo Travel 1 Day Itinerary

Pamplona Solo Travel Guide & 1 Day Itinerary

When one hears “Pamplona” they correctly think of Ernest Hemingway and the Running of the Bulls. However, this capital of Navarre has more to offer and is worth adding a Pamplona solo travel stop on your way from San Sebastian to Barcelona (or vice versa), even if to enjoy Pamplona for one day.

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woman on beach in Maui in 4 Days

4 Day Maui Itinerary for Travelers Over 50

Looking to plan a 4 day solo trip to Maui and not sure what to do? I did a Maui 2021 trip this past May (yes, during Covid) for 4 fabulous days. Use my eco-travel and Covid tips, with list of fun things to do in Maui, as your 4 day Maui itinerary and see if you have as much fun as I did.

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One Day in Ghent_Boat tour

How to Spend One Day in Ghent

When last in Brussels on solo travel, I wanted to see more of Belgium by way of fun day trips. If this is you, too, then here’s how to spend one day in Ghent as an over 50 traveler that you’ll totally enjoy. It’s a day full of art, history, and beer tasting, that makes a great addition to your Brussels solo travel itinerary.

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Bruges buildings and canal

One Day in Bruges from Brussels Not to Miss

Yes, you can do a day trip from Brussels to Bruges – easily and without a car. See how I spent a lovely one day in Bruges from Brussels by train that completed my perfect Brussels travel itinerary as an over 50 solo traveler.

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4 Days in Paris - Paris Place de la Concorde fountain and Eiffel Tower

The Best 4 Days in Paris Solo Itinerary

(UPDATED 2/10/22) When tourists think “France” they think Paris. Steeped in history and culture, Paris should undoubtedly be on your bucket list of destinations as an over 40 traveler. Having any time to spend in this one-of-a-kind, “City of Lights”, whether one day to 4 days (or more), is never a

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How to See Germany and Austria 14 Days Solo_Hohenshchwangau Castle

How to See Germany and Austria in 14 Days Solo

(UPDATED 2/14/22) Want to know how to see Germany and Austria in two weeks? Use my 14 day solo travel itinerary to see amazing cities in both Germany and Austria without a car, perfect for first-time solo and over 50 solo travel.

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Town Hall Munich

Best of Munich 4 Day Solo Itinerary

(UPDATED 1/14/22) If you’re planning your first-time visit to Munich, you’re going to love my ultimate Munich travel guide and tried and true Munich 4 day solo itinerary. It’s the best Munich travel for singles over 40 and solo travelers over 50.

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New York City 4 day Itinerary

New York City in 4 Days Solo Over 50

Never been to New York City and have a long weekend to see the top sights solo? Here’s a great New York City 4 day itinerary for any first-time, or second-time, visitor to capture the most in

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One Day in San Francisco

Top Sights in One Day in San Francisco on Foot

Going to San Francisco for a day, or just have a long layover, and want to see as much as you can? For Free? No worries. I used to live in the Bay Area and have prepared a self-guided walking tour for you to see top sights in one day in San Francisco on foot. Yep, no car required.

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Venice 2 Day Itinerary and Travel Guide-featured

Best of Venice 2 Day Solo Itinerary

(UPDATED 2/11/22) If you’re using my How to See Italy and Austria in 2 Weeks Solo and planned your 4 Days in Vienna, you’re now wrapping up your Italy travel planning, right? Finish it up with my ultimate Venice travel guide and Venice 2 day solo itinerary full of bridges, canals, water taxis, history,

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Vienna 4 Day Itinerary and Travel Guide

Vienna 4 Day Itinerary for Solo Travel

(UPDATED 5/7/20) From my How to See Italy and Austria in 2 Weeks Solo you’re now ready to plan the Vienna leg of your trip, yes? Fabulous, because Vienna can easily be the highlight of your 2 week trip. Here’s my Vienna 4 day itinerary (with

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Salzburg on a Budget 2 Day Itinerary-featured

See Salzburg on a Budget in 2 Days Solo

(UPDATED 5/7/20) If you’re using my How to See Italy and Austria in 2 Weeks Solo and planned your Innsbruck on a Budget in 1 Day Solo. Now you’re ready to plan the next leg by learning how you can do Salzburg on budget in 2 days solo. Good for you.

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Innsbruck on a Budget 1 Day Itinerary

1 Day in Innsbruck on a Budget Solo Trip

(UPDATED 5/7/20) Find out how to spend the best 1 day in Innsbruck on a budget solo trip that’s full of amazing food and beer, outdoor activities, scenic Alps, history and beautiful architecture.

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3-Day Hiking in Southwest Virginia

3 Day Hiking in Southwest Virginia Itinerary

If you like to explore the outdoors with amazing trails, wildlife and scenic views, you need to make hiking Southwest Virginia your next vacation. My 3 day hiking in Southwest Virginia itinerary can get you planning.

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Verona on a Budget 2 Day Itinerary-featured

Best of Verona on a Budget in 2 Days

(UPDATED 2/3/22) If you’re using my How to Spend 2 Weeks in Italy and planned your 2 Days in Milan, you’re now wrapping up your Italy travel planning with finding out how to see my fair Verona on a budget in 2 days that include scenic views, a nod to Shakespeare, roman ruins, an amazing

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Milan Duomo - Budget 2 Day Itinerary

Best of Milan on a Budget in 2 Days Solo

(UPDATED 2/12/22) If you’re using my How to Spend 2 Weeks in Italy and planned your 4 Days in Florence, now you’re ready to find out how I saw Milan on budget in 2 days, packed with epic architecture and art, and an option for a day trip to Lake Como. Bonus!

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Florence Italy skyline - Budget 4-Day Itinerary-featured

Florence on a Budget in 4 Days Solo

(UPDATED 2/12/22) If you’re using my How to Spend 2 Weeks in Italy and planned your 2 Days in Siena, now you’re ready to find out how I saw Florence on budget in 4 days, packed with art, historic sites, wine tasting and an Italian cooking class with dinner. You won’t want to miss this

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Siena on a Budget 2 Day Itinerary-featured

2 Days in Siena on a Budget

(UPDATED 2/3/22) If you’re working on your 2 weeks in Italy itinerary, don’t miss adding these 2 days in Siena on budget, full with historic sites, Tuscany countryside, and Montalcino wine tasting.

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Rome Italy skyline - Budget 3-Day Itinerary

See Rome on a Budget in 3 Days Solo

(UPDATED 2/3/22) Read how to do Rome on a budget in 3 days (with Vatican City) perfect as a first time in Rome itinerary, budget or not.  I have done this travel myself as a mature solo traveler. So, yes, this 3 day trip to Rome can be done.

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Spend Three Days in Noosa Australia

Best Way to Spend Three Days in Noosa Australia

(UPDATED 4/2/22) Want to know how to spend three days in Noosa Australia for an awesome get-away? Check out how best to spend time in this resort region on the Sunshine Coast known for great coastal trails, strong ocean waves for

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Florence Duomo-2 Weeks Italy Budget Itinerary

How to Spend 2 Weeks in Italy Solo

(UPDATED 3/11/22) As promised in my Excuses Not to Travel Debunked, I am going to tell you how you can do amazing international solo travel in as little as 2 weeks. So let’s start with how to spend 2 weeks in Italy solo without a car. If I can do this itinerary, so can you.

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