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How to Spend One Day in Ghent from Brussels

UPDATED 9/22/23

When last in Brussels on solo travel, I wanted to see more of Belgium by way of fun day trips. If this is you, too, then here’s how to spend one day in Ghent as an over 50 traveler that you’ll totally enjoy. It’s a day full of art, history, and beer tasting, that makes a great addition to your Brussels solo travel itinerary.

Note: I did do this trip in my late 40’s so this Ghent itinerary totally works for travelers over 50, too.

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This post is dedicated to my aunt Susie, an amazing lady who loved dragons. She would have loved Ghent, too. She is sorely missed. 

Susan Hubard (November 2, 1952 – July 19, 2021)

I’m just going to say it:  Ignore all of the other Ghent one-day itineraries out there. Use this Ghent 1 day itinerary. Trust me. You’ll get the best of Ghent’s old and new, beer and food, all in one day on your over 50 solo travel to Ghent.

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What is Ghent known for?

Located in the Northern region of Flanders, Ghent (Gent in Flemish), was once a major clothing manufacturing city making it one of the largest cities in Northern Europe from the 13th to 15th centuries. It also experienced many conflicts and upheavals leaving the city to be passed to the rule of the Hapsburgs.

Since the 16th century, the textiles industry has seen Ghent flourish, largely due to its geographical position on canals leading to docks able to house large trading vessels.

Ghent has benefited from paper and chemical manufacturing, oil refining and banking and is best known for its Gentse Floraliën (Flower Show) that happens every five years.

Ghent Skyline from Gravensteen Castle

Today, like Bruges, Ghent has held onto its historical and cultural sites, like its Het Belfort van Gent (Ghent Belfry), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making Ghent ideal for tourism, another important aspect of its economy.

Spot the many dragons around Ghent, not just atop the Ghent Belfry – Ghent’s symbol of freedom and power since the 14th century.

Dragon post Ghent Belgium
Ghent dragon

This is Belgium, so Ghent is by no means exempt from the prolific offerings chocolate, frites with mayonnaise, waffles, stews, or other savory dishes that go well with Belgian beer.

Ghent is laid back but also lively. It’s trendy but it’s old. Ghent made me want to explore even more of Belgium, which makes me consider Ghent one of the best cities you should visit in Belgium.

Is Ghent worth visiting?

Open market squares filled with lively gatherings and dining, Gothic cathedrals, and medieval towers and castles surrounded by the Leie and Scheldt rivers, and epic art like the Ghent Altarpiece are just some of the reasons Ghent, Belgium should be on your solo travel bucket list.

How Much Time Do You Need in Ghent?

Like a day trip to Bruges, if you arrive in Ghent by 9am, you will have enough time to see the top sights in Ghent.  Ghent is larger than Bruges, but don’t let the one day in Ghent time limit deter you.

Like Bruges, put Ghent on your Belgium solo travel itinerary. You won’t regret it.

Ghent City Hall & Het Belfort van Gent Belgium
St Bavo’s Cathedral & City Hall

How to Get to Ghent from Brussels

Ghent is easily accessible by multiple transportation methods. For my solo day in Ghent I took the eco-friendly train from Brussels to Ghent, of course.

Ghent from Brussels by Train

From Brussels to Ghent, the train departs Bruxelles-Central station. Brussels to Ghent trains leave approximately every 30 minutes and take 36 minutes to reach the Gent St Pieters station. Check the Brussels train schedules and ticket prices.

Here’s a bonus if you’re taking day trips from Brussels on the weekend: buy a Weekend Ticket. They are non-exchangeable and non-refundable, but as long as you outbound and return anytime between 7pm Friday through Sunday, you save 50% on train fare. On any destination in Belgium, as a matter of fact.

If it’s more convenient, however, you could catch a bus from Brussels to Ghent – also inexpensive and eco-friendly. Outbound and return travel needs to be made between Friday after 7pm and Sunday

If you don’t feel like going to Ghent alone, try a Brussels to Ghent day tour. Just make sure it hits a lot, if not all, of the top sights in Ghent and activities I provide below.

See Ghent City Center on one day in Ghent
City Center

Can you do Bruges and Ghent in one day?

Well, yes, you technically can do a day trip to Ghent and Bruges from Brussels (a half a day in each), but only if you are truly crunched on time. 

Both Bruges and Ghent are small towns with much to offer. Therefore, I implore you to add at least one more day to your Brussels solo travel itinerary and do one day in Bruges and one day in Ghent.

How to Get Around Ghent

Ghent is not as compact as Bruges, but still very walkable. In fact, Ghent is a low emission zone, making it very environmentally friendly – another reason why I love Ghent. Therefore, there are no cars allowed within the walls of the city center.

Like Bruges, however, are the large number of bicycles.  Feel free to rent one or do a bike tour of Ghent if you like.

Ghent bicycles
.1% of bicycles in Ghent

Alternatively, make use of Ghent’s three tram lines for your one day in Ghent.  The Ghent public transportation could not be easier to use. It can take you to and from the city center’s top things to do in Ghent faster than walking. Consider a day pass for riding more than once.

Best Time to Visit Ghent

I believe the shoulder months (April/May and September/October) are best for visiting most of Europe, including Belgium, when it’s not as crowded and less expensive. In Ghent, plan to dress in layers.

Get in the know of what’s going on Ghent before you go, including its festivals. If you’re visiting Ghent in July, try to catch the Ghent Festival. I hear it’s amazing fun. If the cold doesn’t bother you, try the Ghent Light Festival in November or the Ghent Winter Festival in December.

Where (and What) to Eat in Ghent

Or should I say drink in Ghent?  Even if you’re not a huge beer fan, it would be the ultimate shame not to indulge in at least a couple of the over 1500 types of tasty beers Belgium brews in over 200 breweries.

I love beer, but being older it doesn’t love me. Still, that didn’t stop me from trying many of the beers at hand when in Ghent.

L'ar O Gante beer one day in Ghent
L’ar O Gante
Tripel Karmeliet beer in one day in Ghent Belgium
Tripel Karmeliet

From Trappist to Pils, Blonde to Limbic, or Tripel to Stout, you’ll never be at a loss to find a bottle of beer, some served with their own shaped glass, to quench your thirst or wash down a pile of frites with mayonnaise (when in Rome…), hearty stew or pub food.

Orval Belgian beer in one day in Ghent Belgium
Trappistes Rochefort beer in one day in Ghent Belgium
Trappistes Rochefort

In fact, I found a great beer tour in Ghent by a local recommended to me by the Grand Place, Brussels Visitor’s Office.  Today, you can find her beer tour online.

I was the only female on this tour, besides our extremely knowledgeable tour guide, Liselot, and it was one of the best experiences I had in Belgium. We hit several locations for tastings, including the traditional gastropub Sint Jorishof, Great Butcher’s Hall, and Otomat Gent.

Sint Jorishof Ghent Belgium
Sint Jorishof
Sint Jorishof on one day in Ghent Belgium
Sint Jorishof

Do her beer tour. It’s well worth carving out three hours of your one day in Ghent for learning about Belgian beer in between Belgian culture and history (and with a buzz).

For Ghent dining, do it like I did and wing it. You’ll come across multiple market areas with outdoor restaurants and cafés where you’ll feel the life of the Ghent city center while you’re absorbing the top Ghent sights.

Pub food and beer Ghent Belgium
Outdoor pub dining

Best Things to Do in Ghent

Spent right, one day in Ghent will leave you with wonderful memories (and wanting to go back).  Here are what I consider the top things to see and do in Ghent that can make that happen.

Sint-Baafskathedraal (Saint Bavo’s Cathedral) – this 12th century Gothic church is top of the musts when in Ghent.

Saint Bavo's Cathedral Ghent Belgium
Saint Bavo’s
Saint Bavo's Cathedral on one day in Ghent Belgium
Saint Bavo’s

This church, beautiful in its own right, is home to artworks by Peter Paul Rubens and Jan van Eyck, most notably his The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb (1432), more commonly known as The Ghent Altarpiece. To the side of the church sits the Monument of the Van Eyck Brothers.

Ghent Altarpiece on one day in Ghent
Ghent Altarpiece

The Ghent Altarpiece was on my art bucket list, for sure, being it’s an instrumental piece of “new realism” from the Northern Renaissance period. Additionally, like the Madonna and Child in Bruges, the Ghent Altarpiece was also rescued by The Monuments Men, however, one of the panels is still not an original. Ghent has lost and regained this historic piece of art on several occasions.  It’s no wonder they take such pride in housing it.  Do not miss it on your one day in Ghent.

Het Belfort van Gent (Ghent Belfry) – directly across the square is the 91-meter high UNESCO World Heritage site and tallest belfry in all of Belgium. Book your ticket in advance to climb the 350 steps of the 14th century tower, where the city’s dragon mascot sits, or get a guided tour, for sweeping views of Ghent.

Het Belfort van Gent Belgium
Ghent Belfry

Sint-Niklaaskerk (St. Nicholas’ Church) – across from the Ghent Belfry is St. Nicholas’ Church and the third of the Three Towers of Ghent’s medieval skyline.  Originally started in the 1200’s as a Romanesque church, it was not completed until the 14th century and in the Gothic style. It is one of the oldest buildings in Ghent. It’s also free to enter.

Stadshal (City Pavilion) – across from the Ghent Belfry is the modern City Pavilion.  Host to concerts and markets, the glass and wood roof structure offers a stunning juxtaposition to the surrounding Renaissance era architecture.

Stadshal City Pavilion Ghent
City Pavilion and Ghent Belfry Tower

Werregarenstraat (Graffiti Street) – continuing with the modern Ghent, stroll a few minutes away to find a tunnel of art. Cool and funky, and always changing (the walls are repainted solid for continuing new art), this is a fun little side trip away from the old and into the now.

Graffiti Street Ghent Belgium
Graffiti Street art
Graffiti Street on one day in Ghent Belgium
Graffiti Street art

Groentenmarkt (Market Square) – small, open aired market area lined by Vleeshuis (Great Butchers’ Hall), shops and restaurants. Great place to grab beer and food.

Great Butchers Hall Groentenmarkt Ghent Belgium
Great Butcher’s Hall, Groentenmarkt

Korenmarkt (City Square) – fabulous for people watching and soaking in the Ghent vibe. Just on the far side of St. Nicholas’ Church and leads you to St. Michael’s Bridge.

Korenmarkt Ghent Belgium

Sint-Michielsbrug (Pont Saint-Michel / St. Michael’s Bridge) – on the south end of Korenmarkt you can’t help but cross the arched, stone bridge offering massively pretty views of the historic city center and boats and the outdoor lounging area of Ghent locals along the Leie River.

Boats on Leies River Ghent Belgium
Leie River

Walk down to either the Graslei (right bank) or the Korenlei (left bank) for better views, cop a squat for a breather with the locals, or catch a canal cruise.

Korenlei bank Ghent Belgium
Korenlei bank

Leies River Cruise – if you have the extra time this will surely highlight your Ghent visit. There are different Ghent cruise tours to choose from. Just confirm their tour time and pick up / drop off locations. I recommend booking a boat tour in advance since you only have one day in Ghent.

Tour boats Leie River Ghent Belgium
Take a Ghent boat tour

Gravensteen (Castle of the Counts) – Restored 10th century, moated castle complete with ramparts and a dungeon. This attraction closes at 6pm and tickets are available until 45 minutes before closing.  Movie guides are also available. If anything, go inside to get the feel and space of the architecture and go up top for fabulous views.

Gravensteeen Castle in one day in Ghent

Ghent skyline from Gravensteen on one day in Ghent
Ghent skyline from Gravensteen

Patershol – conveniently located near Gravensteen is this adorable Ghent district is full of narrow cobblestone lanes, quaint buildings and hidden restaurants and bars.

Belgian Beer Days Tour – as mentioned previously, a day in Ghent would not be complete without a beer tour by a local. Sip your way through several Ghent bars and restaurants while learning the best of Belgian beer tradition and pouring do’s and don’ts.  Definitely carve a few hours out of your one day in Ghent for this and book in advance.

Beer tour at Otomat Ghent Belgium
Belgian Beer Tour

MSK (Fine Arts Museum) – When I visited Ghent, a few of the Ghent Altarpiece panels were being restored within this museum, making it a must to visit this museum just off the beaten path of other attractions. However, the museum made for a visually stunning experience. Take in works from Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Paul Rubens, Antoon van Dijk, and Auguste Rodin and more from its 40 galleries and stroll the surrounding Citadel Park.

Citadelpark Ghent Belgium

Ghent One Day Itinerary

So, what to do in one day in Ghent from Brussels? Here is my recommended, self-guided Ghent day trip itinerary to supplement to your solo Belgium travel. It’s a lot in one day, but well worth it.

  • Bruxelles-Central train to Gent St Pieters station
  • SMK Museum
  • St. Bavo’s Cathedral, The Ghent Altarpiece, Ghent Belfry (no tour)
  • Lunch
  • Liselot’s Beer Tour and Graffiti Street
  • Korenmarkt,St. Michael’s Bridge and Leie River
  • Gravensteen Castle
  • Patershol district
  • Outdoor dinner
  • St Pieters station train to Brussels

Want to spend more than 1 day in Ghent? Stay overnight in a Travel Sustainable property in the Ghent city centre for easiest access to the top Ghent attractions you may have missed.

Let Me Hear From You

I would love to hear if this post was helpful to you on how to spend one day in Ghent solo over 50. Post me your thoughts or questions in the Comments section below. Thank you!

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