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June 2022 Update: In light of the most unfortunate, recent developments with women losing the federally protected right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, and, in essence, being reduced to second-class citizen status within the U.S., CORR Travel will no longer be able to promote travel to or within all U.S. states on its website. CORR Travel believes that all people should be treated equally and, therefore, will not advise, advocate or promote travel in any U.S. state that does not do so.

At time of this update, these U.S. states are banned, and may be banned, on CORR Travel. As time progresses, it may happen where some U.S. states, and related travel blog posts, currently on CORR Travel have to be removed. It would be fortunate if this did not happen, of course, but be advised it is possible.

CORR Travel strongly recommends you do not travel to any U.S. state taking part in treating women as second-class citizens. All businesses, including those travel-related, should feel the financial squeeze, and taking away their business dollars is a great way to show them you do not promote their state’s political agenda. No matter where you are from, vote with your dollars to send a message. Thank you.

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