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7 Best Europe Beach Destinations for Solo Travelers (2024)

UPDATED 5/8/24

Want to do a beach holiday alone in Europe but unsure where to go? Explore 7 of the best beach destinations for solo travelers ideal for your 2024 solo beach vacation. I have adored them all on my Europe solo travel.

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Having read my top tips on how to do a solo beach trip, you know what you want out of your solo beach trip, and you’re ready to book your beach holiday alone. But where?

Check out Europe for the best solo beach vacations.

Does Europe have nice beaches?

Europe possesses some of the best beaches in the world. From pebble to white sands, calm waters to high surf, or relaxation to adrenaline sports, Europe’s beaches cover it all.

Many of Europe’s beaches check the more than one, if not all, of the accessibility, quality, activities, amenities, and safety boxes you were checking off in your solo beach trip planning.

Playa de Talamanca Ibiza Spain
Playa de Talamanca, Ibiza

Solo Beach Trip Packing Essentials

Be prepared and bring the beach essentials that will make your solo trip a whole lot easier, more fun and eco-friendly.

For more top beach accessories, use the ultimate packing list of 25 solo travel essentials for the beach.

7 of the Best Beach Destinations in Europe WITH Video

Ready to plan the best beach holiday alone? When you see what I have to show you on these 7 Europe destinations, you’ll know why these are my picks for best beach destinations for solo travelers picks in Europe for ultimate solo beach vacations.

The hard part is choosing which to go to. Check out the Europe beach destinations video and you’ll see why. Then read about each to see what they offer and why each are some of the best solo beach vacations in Europe.

Don’t forget to take the solo beach travel essentials above and read the top tips on how to do a solo beach trip so you get the most out of your solo beach holiday.

Now, let’s dive into these amazing Europe beaches.

1 – Split, Croatia

Gold Horn beach coastline Croatia best beach destination for solo travel
Golden Horn Beach, Brac Island off Split

On the gleaming Dalmatian Coast and crystal clear waters of the Adriatic, Split, Croatia offers an abundance of beach selections for your solo beach vacation making it one of the best beach towns in Europe for solo travelers, in my humble opinion. 

Beaches in and around Split range from white sands to pebble beaches. You can access these incredible Croatia beaches within walking distance from Old Town, like Ježinac Beach; by a short public bus ride, like Bene; or by a short ferry ride to a local island, like the world famous Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn) on the island of Brač.

All beaches that I have visited were clean, offered recycling bins, lifeguard stations, and multiple outdoor activities, such as parasailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, and more. Best yet, the beaches also had beach bars equipped with bathrooms, lounge chairs and umbrellas begging you to stretch out your beach day.

Depending on the beach, you can locate your quiet beach spot or stick around for late night partying. Split also has nude beaches, if that is your thing. Split’s beach offerings make it an ideal travel destination for beach solo vacations.

Need A Split Itinerary?

Read my 3 Days in Split Solo Itinerary to plan and book Split travel to access these top beach destinations in Croatia and have as much beach solo fun as I did.

Best Things to Do in Split

Start Planning Your Split Travel Budget

2 – Zakynthos, Greece

Sunbathers on Xigia Sulfur Beach Zakynthos best beach destination for solo travelers in Europe
Xigia Sulfur Beach, Zakynthos

Zakynthos (aka “Zante” in Italian), is one of the Greek Ionian Islands west of Athens. Zakynthos boasts some of the best beaches to travel alone in Europe, such as Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach), Agios Nikolaos, and Laganas Beach, among others.

Zakynthos’ well-maintained beaches can be wide and sprawling, or alcoves of white sand surrounded by cliffs. Like Split, you’ll be able to find lounge chairs and bars and/or restaurants on or within steps from the beach. Unlike Split, don’t expect to see lifeguards.

Each beach offers multiple activities, like swimming, snorkeling and boating in aqua blue waters, but provide their own unique scenery.

For quiet and low-key sunbathing, pick a beach on the north east or west side of the island. For partying, stay south in Laganas. Epic sunsets can be seen from the beaches on the west side of the island.

Laganas also boasts the National Marine Park of Zakynthos and protection for nesting loggerhead sea turtles with opportunities to snorkel or rent glass bottom boats for spotting the sea turtles. Access to the park and beach area is prohibited after sunset.

Where you stay on Zakynthos will largely depend on the type of beach and activities you’ll be seeking. Renting a car in Zakynthos is required to explore its multiple beaches as the public buses are not ideal for island trekking.

Stay Walking Distance to Laganas Beach

Want A Zakynthos Itinerary?

Read how to spend 3 days in Zakynthos, a Greek island that’s one of the best beach destinations in Greece, on first-time Zakynthos travel.

Best Beach Things to Do in Zakynthos

3 – San Sebastian, Spain

La Concha Beach San Sebastian best beach destination for solo travelers in Europe
La Concha Beach, San Sebastian

Without a doubt, one of my favorite beaches is the sprawling, golden La Concha Beach on La Concha Bay in the heart of San Sebastian, Spain. Add Ondarreta Beach and Zurriola Beach, and you have one city having the reputation as one of the best beach destinations in Spain.

Nestled in the north eastern corner of the Navarro region, Donostia-San Sebastian rests between the Bay of Biscay on the north and mountainous Basque region to the south.

Boating, surfing and sunbathing are the top beach activities in San Sebastian. San Sebastian’s expansive sandy beaches provide the throngs of sunbathers with access to sunshades, lounge chairs, public lockers, changing rooms, and bathrooms in the summer.

La Concha Promenade and Monte Igueldo San Sebastian Spain
La Concha Promenade and Monte Igueldo

Public facilities may not be so widely offered in the shoulder season months, but they are still perfect for warm, sunny days with a towel, picnic lunch and much fewer people.

Bring your own chair or towel, book, and picnic lunch and you’re set for the day of pure oceanside relaxation and people watching.

Steps away from the beach you’ll find hiking, gourmet food, wine, historical churches and architecture, port side attractions and more, which makes San Sebastian one of the best European cities for solo female travel as well as vacation spots to go alone.

Want A San Sebastian Itinerary?

Read how to see the best of San Sebastian in 2 days, a top beach destination in Spain for solo beach travellers, on first-time, single travel.

Best Things to Do in San Sebastian

4 – Valencia, Spain

Playa de las Arenas Valencia Spain best beach destination for solo travelers in Europe
Playa de las Arenas, Valencia

Having lived in west Los Angeles, I loved going to Santa Monica Beach, but Valencia, Spain and its massive beaches blew me away.

One of the best beach towns in Europe, Valencia has 13 beaches in total, but the closest three from Valencia’s city center are Playa de las Arenas/El Cabanyal, Playa de la Patacona, and the most popular, Playa de la Malvarrosa.

Everything about Valencia, including its beaches, is very clean. Seriously, I’ve never seen a large city so clean!

In the summer season, beach amenities include parking, medical and lifeguard stations, public restrooms, showers, water fountains, lounge and shade rentals, and, of course, beach and aquatic activities for a fun-filled beach holiday alone.

Valencia beach promenade Valencia Spain
Passeig de Neptú, Valencia

Activities and crowds lessen in the shoulder season should you want a quieter time at the beach solo.

There is a large promenade running behind the beaches perfect for strolling, riding a bike or e-scooter, and checking out the multitude of restaurants, bars and shops.

Even though Valencia is Spain’s third largest city, you don’t need to stay at the beach to enjoy them. Valencia’s public bus, or even the Hop On Hop Off bus, will take you from the city center to the beach easily so you can spend a sun soaked day on the beach, either in a quiet spot (depending on time of year), or in the thick of the action.

Want to Know More About Valencia?

Read my how to see the best of Valencia in 1 day on a stopover or waiting for your Balearic Island ferry. It’s ideal for Valencia first-time, single travel.

Best Things to Do in Valencia

Solo Travel Tips

Get an international travel cellular service plan, like the T-Mobile International Plan, or a local SIM card for your mobile device. I no longer work on WiFi only on international travel. I’ll use it when it’s there, but having access to roaming when needed for GPS and Google Maps is a game changer, especially when renting a car.

Have WhatsApp on your mobile device(s). Many smaller establishments and activities offices use this as a method of communication making it easier to make inquiries or booking and learn, or notify, of any scheduling changes.

5 – Ibiza Spain

Sunbathers on Cala Vadella, Ibiza best beach destinations for solo travelers
Cala Vadella, Ibiza

When you hear Ibiza, Spain, you think party, party, party. That’s warranted, so Ibiza is known as being one of the best singles vacation spots in Europe.

However, don’t let Ibiza dissuade you from visiting it’s amazing beaches if you’re not a party person. Party person or not, Ibiza does have some of the best beaches in Europe for singles.

Ibiza is part of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean anywhere from a two-hour high speed ferry ride to an overnight ferry ride from the Spain’s mainland, depending from where you’re departing.

Like Zakynthos, where you choose to stay will involve what day and nighttime activities you’re seeking, including what type of beaches you want to visit.

Also like Zakynthos, Ibiza’s fine to course sandy beaches are full of clear, turquoise waters and diverse in scenery and activities, from sunbathing and swimming, to kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, boating or more.

Es Bol Nou beach restaurant Ibiza for solo travel
Many beaches offer dining opportunities

Some beaches are small, quiet, out of the way beaches like Es Bol Nou; larger and closer to cities like Talamanca Beach; or, in between like Cala Vadella and Cala Comte (the image at the top of this post).

No matter what style of beach, you’re always bound to find some sort of shops or shopping stalls, restaurants and bars or restaurant stands adding more to your solo beach vacation.

Some beaches offer lounge chair and shade rentals or be clothing optional (or just sections of the beach clothing optional). Not all Ibiza beaches will have a lifeguard on duty.

Since renting a car in Ibiza is best to explore the numerous island beaches, which I recommend, be prepared to pay for parking and possibly walking a bit to the beach.

Ibiza has lots of options for different beach goers making it one of the best beach destinations for solo travelers.

Keep an eye out for my Ibiza Solo Travel Guide coming soon.

Best Things to Do in Ibiza

6 – Cascais, Portugal

Praia da Ribeira de Cascais Cascais Portugal best beach destination for solo travelers in Europe
Praia da Ribeira de Cascais, Cascais

Don’t think that only the best beach destinations in Portugal are in the Algarve region. Portugal has hundreds of miles of coastline beaches and towns for sun-filled trips for solo travelers. Cascais, Portugal is one of them.

A charming fishing village a mere 40 minute train ride west of Lisbon, I consider Cascais one of the best beach towns for solo travel due to its extensive ocean front promenade and multiple golden, sandy beaches that border its quaint city center of shops and restaurants.

There is much to see and do on foot in Cascais, like strolling the Rua Frederico Arouca or exploring the Citadel of Cascais, Casa de Santa Maria, or the Palácio Seixas.

Rua Frederico Arouca pedestrian street Cascais Portugal
Rua Frederico Arouca pedestrian street shopping

Instead, choose to sail, swim, surf, play beach volleyball, or do nothing at all, on Praia da Duquesa, Praia da Ribeira, or Praia da Rainha.

Cascais’ beaches offer lounge chair and shade rentals. Praia da Duquesa is lined by restaurants and bars you can easily walk up to and get food or drinks for a relaxing destination on solo travel.

Cascais’ beaches are clean with plenty of recycling bins, and Cascais has free WiFi.

Stay in Cascais on your solo travel, or stay in Lisbon and take beach day trips. You have the option.

Summer months in Cascais will surely be more crowded, but shoulder season months are still great for a solo beach trip months.

Want to Know More About Cascais from Lisbon?

Read my Complete Lisbon Solo Travel Guide to learn more about Lisbon, its nearby beaches, and and how to spend 4 days in Lisbon alone, which includes Cascais, of course. Download the Lisbon 4 Day Itinerary PDF!

Best Things to Do in Cascais

7 – Sitges, Spain

Sitges Beach Sitges Spain best beach destination for solo travelers in Europe
Sitges Beach, Sitges

Like, Cascais, Sitges, Spain another great beach town in Europe, conveniently located an hour’s train ride south of Barcelona great for beach holidays for singles over 50.

Sitges’ city center is not large, but that does not stop Sitges from having 17 beaches total. Most popular and easily accessible for solo travel are Playa de Sitges, Playa de San Sebastia, Playa de la Ribera, and Playa de la Rodona.

Like Valencia, Sitges’ beaches are very clean. Several connect along the coast to stretch along an amazing promenade perfect for biking and walking path to explore entry points into Sitges’ city center.

Església de Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla Sitges
Església de Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla, Sitges

Whereas Cascais may be more subdued and artsy, Sitges can be a little livelier with a nightlife scene of clubs and gay bars. Sitges also holds annual Sitges Film Festivals and Carnival.

Still, Sitges’ beaches can be lazy and laid back. Rent sun beds and umbrellas. Grab drinks and food at a restaurant steps away or find food options from attendants that stroll the beach.

Partake in water sports or just kick back and people watch.

Want to Know More About Sitges from Barcelona?

Stay in Sitges for a solo weekend getaway from Barcelona, or make it a day trip on your Barcelona 3 day itinerary. You definitely have options with Sitges for a solo beach vacation. Download the Barcelona 3 Day Itinerary PDF!

Best Things to Do in Sitges

Eco Travel Tips

Avoid renting a car on solo beach vacations as much as possible by walking, biking, taking an electric scooter or public transportation to the beach instead.

If you need to hire a rideshare to get to the beach, choose the Bolt Green or Uber Green options to support the use of electric cars and carpooling for cleaner transportation in Europe.

Let Me Hear From You

I would love to hear what you think of my best beach destinations for solo travelers in Europe. Post your thoughts, questions or additional tips or advise on one of the above locations in the Comments section below. Thank you!

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