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Top Tips on How to Do a Solo Beach Trip

Want to know how do solo travelers go the beach and have a great time? Traveling near or far, use my top tips on how to do a solo beach trip, including how to plan, what to do, and what to avoid for fun and safe single travel.

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Is it fun to go to the beach alone?

Oh, yes!  In fact, going to the beach alone makes for some of the best trips for solo travelers. Why?

  • Beach towns, or beaches close to towns, provide a diversity of activities beyond the sand for a fuller travel experience.
  • Beaches are relaxing destinations. Being alone at the beach just makes it one of the perfect places to go to relax.
  • A plethora of activities await at the beach, like swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, parasailing, paddle boarding… Need I go on?
  • The beach vacation can be budget friendly letting you stretch your ‘vacation for one’ dollars. How much do you really need to sit on a lovely beach soaking up the sun and recharging with a good book and picnic lunch?  Not much.
  • You don’t have to do the beach for a long period of time, either.  Going it alone at the beach makes for some of the best solo weekend getaways.
Beach activity equipment on Golden Horn Beach solo beach trip
Beaches offer many outdoor activities

How can I enjoy the beach alone?

First, planning.  Ask yourself what do you want from being at the beach solo.

  • Are you looking for a weekend getaway or a longer vacation by yourself?
  • Are you on a tight budget or is money no option?
  • Do you want a party beach destination for singles or a quiet vacation for singles?
  • Will your solo beach trip be full of outdoor activities or will you be seeking relaxing places to visit alone?

Knowing the answers to these questions will allow you to research the best beach destination for solo travel.

Check out the following aspects of beaches to help you plan your perfect solo beach vacation.

Xigia Sulfur Beach Zakynthos on solo beach trip
Small beaches are perfect for solo beach vacations

Beach Accessibility

If you’re on a budget, you’re more than likely not to rent a car.  Look to see if the beach is accessible by foot or public transport from your hotel.

If are walking to the beach, then the less beach gear you have to carry, the better. This will help you pack accordingly.

Even if you have a car, be careful not to leave valuables in the car in beach parking lots to avoid them being stolen.

Eco Travel Tips

Avoid renting a car on solo beach vacations by walking, biking, taking an electric scooter or public transportation to the beach instead.

If you need to hire a rideshare to get to the beach, choose the Bolt Green or Uber Green options to support the use of electric cars and carpooling for cleaner transportation and reducing your carbon footprint.

Some of the best beaches are off the beaten path with sketchy or no parking close by. Know in advance how to access the beach so you wear the proper footwear.

Also, make sure someone knows where you and when you’ll be returning from a secluded area for safety reasons.

Protected Beaches and National Parks

Secluded and beach town beaches may have protected wildlife and marine life, which could be a hindrance or enhance your desired solo beach trip.

If the beach is part of a park system or protected area, know the rules of visiting the beach before you go. Altering the landscape or endangering the wildlife may be (or should be) against the local law.

Protected Sea Turtle Sign Zakynthos Greece
Be aware of environmental protections

Beach Composition and Quality

Not all beaches are equal. Some have soft, white sand that don’t require shoes and are comfortable to lay on.

Some are black sand beaches and hot, or made up of pebbles or rocks making it harder to walk on and require lounge chairs.

Finding out the beach composition, and how clean and maintained it is, definitely improves your beach day. It’s not as fun going to a rocky beach when you’re equipped for a soft sandy one.

Beach Activities

You ever go to the beach with intent to just kick back and relax, but then see people thoroughly enjoying themselves in an activity that you just have to try?  Yah, that’s me, too.

Don’t discount a beach if it’s full of activities when you just want to lay on a lounge chair or sip a cocktail. Beach activities can not only boost your solo beach vacation with adrenaline pumping fun but also provide an opportunity to meet people.

Don’t be afraid to ask a group if they could use another player in a beach volleyball game. Consider being paired up with someone to rent a kayak, paddle board, or a parasailing trip.

Your solo day at the beach may turn into making new friends and cutting down on alone time, even if that was what you originally wanted.

Parasailing at Golden Horn beach
Parasailing at the beach

Beach Amenities

Is the beach fully equipped with bathrooms, lounge chairs and umbrellas? Bonus if it is, right?

Are there food trucks, bars, restaurants or shops close by? These amenities not only allow you to take a break from sun and mix up your solo beach itinerary, but it also means you’ll have less to carry to the beach.

Personally, I love it when there is at least a bar or restaurant on or steps away from the beach. Getting out of the sun for a bite of fresh seafood, like fish tacos, is always nice.

Es Bol Nou beach restaurant Ibiza for solo travel
Many beaches offer dining opportunities

Beach Safety

Having lifeguards on a beach provide more peace of mind. Know your personal and safety level when visiting a beach without a lifeguard on duty. If you are uncomfortable, find another beach.

Read beach reviews and/or websites to see how clean the beach is (no glass, litter, etc.). Why invite elements that can hurt you and your perfect solo beach vacation?

Finding that optimal, secluded spot on the beach can be tranquil. As a female solo traveler, however, don’t be too remote so you are completely alone.

La Concha beach San Sebastian at sunset
Leave beach areas at sunset for safety

Where ever you decide to cop a squat, make sure people can hear you over the sounds of the surrounding environment or bring a whistle for emergency purposes.

Side note:  if nudity offends you, do your homework if nudity is allowed, like on many European beaches. This can be one of the biggest put-offs for people. If you don’t care, then you don’t need to research.

Top 10 Tips for Being Alone at the Beach

Now that you are planning on how to do a solo beach trip and how to find the best beach destination for solo travel, how do you lock in the best solo beach vacation?

Add my top 10 solo travel beach tips for going to the beach alone over 50.

  1. Don’t stay out on the beach too long without the proper sun protection, whether it be an umbrella, clothing or the best eco-friendly sunscreen. Pro tip: Using a spray sunscreen can get you good coverage as a single traveler.
  2. Drink plenty of water and feel free to imbibe on a beach cocktail, but don’t overdo it.
  3. What to bring to the beach alone is very important. Come prepared with the right eco-friendly beach gear to meet your solo trip’s needs, complement your anticipated activities, and keep your valuables safe at the beach.

Read my Solo Travel Essentials for Going to the Beach Alone for the comprehensive list of solo travel essentials that are eco-friendly, stylish and lifesaving for single travelers that will not crowd your suitcase.

  1. Keep your belongings with you at all times. Seriously. I met a guy in Portugal who told me he left his mobile phone in his shoe for five minutes to take a dip in the ocean. It was gone when he came back.

Solo Travel Tip

How to keep your valuables safe on the beach? I use a waterproof bag with waste strap. It’s small but fits a lot, including my digital camera, and has never let me down in and out of the water. I highly recommend it.

  1. Do not leave your valuables next to you on your lounge chair or beach towel. All it takes is distraction by a beach ball or dog to turn your head one direction and your valuables swiped in the other. I put all items in my bag and use my bag as a head rest or put it under the towel under my legs. 
Beach gear on Kasjuni Beach on solo beach trip
Avoid leaving valuables unattended
  1. Leave as many valuables behind in your hotel safe or in a rental locker as possible and only bring the essentials, like hotel key, mobile phone, ID, credit cards, money, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, etc.  The less to lose, the less to worry about.
  2. Do not hide your valuables in trash. Despite your best efforts, trash can blow away into the water – so not eco-friendly. Also, you want to be at a clean beach, right? You never know if beach staff or an eco-conscious individual may throw your trash away.
  3. Read the signs at the beach. Beaches provide signs that are not just for looks. They provide valuable warning information and tips about the beach, like jellyfish, sharp rocks or possible tsunamis. You are out in nature after all, so become familiar with your surroundings.
Beach signs Es Bol Nou Ibiza on solo beach trip
Read all beach signs
  1. Do not position yourself too far away from people where you cannot be seen or heard. Sitting on the beach with people close by may give you a chance to make friends. It’s one of the benefits of going to the beach alone. If you don’t want to be bothered, bring headphones.
  2. Do not stay out on the beach alone at night. If you see people leaving as the sun sets, it may be a good idea for you to follow suit. Going to the beach alone at night is also not advised, of course, unless you are with a group excursion.

Let Me Hear From You

I would love to hear if my top tips on how to do a solo beach trip on travel over 50 were helpful in planning your beach holiday alone. Post me your thoughts or questions in the Comments section below. Thank you!

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2 thoughts on “Top Tips on How to Do a Solo Beach Trip”

  1. Elaina D'Agostino

    Your advice about leaving as many valuables in the hotel room or rental locker got me. As you said, the fewer things I have with me, the fewer things I have to worry about. I do remember losing my car keys back when I visited the beach. I did manage to get it back, but I’ll be more careful this time.

    1. Hi Elaina. I’m glad to hear that my advice about leaving valuables in your hotel room or rental locker resonated with you and that you found it helpful for a solo beach trip. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to valuable items that could be lost or stolen while you’re out enjoying the beach. I hope that these tips help you to have a memorable and relaxing experience on the beach going forward!. Best, Gwen

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