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Best of Barcelona 3 Day Itinerary (2024)

UPDATED 3/15/24

Are you ready for the best long weekend adventure in Spain? Look no further than Barcelona. This vibrant, lively city has something for all solo travelers, from lazing away on some of Europe’s best beaches, to exploring impressive architectural marvels from centuries past, to sampling incredible cuisine or music scene, there’s an an unforgettable experience waiting around every corner in Barcelona. Use this Barcelona 3 day itinerary to find out all that Barcelona has to offer and while getting one of those unforgettable solo travel in Spain experiences.

As you’ll notice from the tips throughout, this perfect Barcelona itinerary is intentionally written for the first time Barcelona solo traveler and/or older traveler (I am over 50 and have been traveling solo FOREVER). Yet, anyone can use this travel itinerary it to plan and book 3 days in Barcelona.

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All You Need for This 3 Day Barcelona Itinerary

Here are all of the sites you need to successfully book these perfect 3 days in Barcelona, Spain.

I even give you my suggested Barcelona hotel as a sustainable and centrally-located stay in the Barcelona city center, an ideal location for Barcelona solo travel on foot.

I recommend you bookmark and use these sites early to lock in your Barcelona 3 days itinerary and get the best Barclona travel deals.

The Ultimate Barcelona Travel Guide & Video

Don’t forget to use the Ultimate Barcelona Solo Travel Guide to plan your three days in Barcelona. It is the ultimate one-stop-shop guide for all you need to know to plan Barcelona solo travel with:

  • Best Time to Visit Barcelona
  • Getting to Barcelona
  • How to Get Around Barcelona
  • Barcelona Solo Travel Safety
  • Packing Essentials for Barcelona
  • Best Places to Stay in Barcelona Solo
  • Best Things to See and Do in Barcelona
  • Barcelona Dining, Nightlife and Shopping
  • Best Booking Sites for Barcelona Travel
  • Top Barcelona Budget and Ecotourism Travel Tips

Want to see the ultimate Barcelona Solo Travel Guide in action instead? Watch the very popular 15 Things to Know Before You Go to Barcelona video.

Discover Barcelona visually while learning the top 15 things to know before you go to Barcelona, from getting there, getting around, where to stay, top things to do in Barcelona, eco travel tips, Barcelona pro travel tips, and more to plan your first time travel to Barcelona.

If you’re a first-time traveler to Spain, also use my Spain Travel Guide full of tips on culture, entry requirements, currency, tipping, using electronics, safety, and a lot more.

La Rambla at Night Barcelona 3 day itinerary
La Rambla at night

Book Your Flight to Barcelona Early to Save Money

The Barcelona Card

Purchasing the Barcelona Card (aka the Barcelona Pass) is not a requirement for these 3 days in Barcelona. It does cover 25 museums and attractions in Barcelona, skip the line entrance, free public transportation, and can be good for 3 (to 5) days in Barcelona.

If you are on a budget, the Barcelona Card may help in terms of providing free public transportation from the airport, free city and suburb public transportation, and giving discounts on entry to some top attractions like 50% off admission to Gaudi’s Casa Milà and Casa Batlló, flamenco shows, and more.

Research if the Barcelona Card is right for you while visiting Barcelona in 3 days. I did not opt for the Barcelona Card on this particular itinerary for Barcelona mainly because I traveled to Barcelona in the off-season. I opted to buy my itinerary tickets individually, which I’ll show you below.

Still, if you are traveling to Barcelona during peak season it may help you financially and save time.

The Barcelona Card Could Save Money and Time

5 MUST DOs in Barcelona Spain VIDEO

Yes, you will get to do all of these Barcelona must do things to do in this 3 days in Barcelona itinerary. Once you watch the Barcelona video you’ll want to start booking your Barcelona solo trip.


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Barcelona in 3 Days Itinerary

Ready to find out how you can see and do some of of the best of Barcelona in a 3 day itinerary for Barcelona?

First, plan your Barcelona itinerary to arrive the night before to have 4 nights in Barcelona and start this itinerary fresh the following day for a full, 3 days in Barcelona.

Second, this itinerary tackles Barcelona by neighborhood so you can get the most out of each day in Barcelona. It is also built to be done predominately on foot so you can absorb the Barcelona architecture, sounds and smells.

However, you can use public transportation or get a bike rental (Barcelona has a lot of bike paths) to cover distance between attractions quicker.

Bike rentals on Passeig de Colom Barcelona Spain
Bike rentals on Passeig de Colom

This 3 days Barcelona itinerary is full, so feel free to skip an attraction or two if they do not interest you or you want to just veg on a Barcelona beach.

Take advantage of the amazing, full breakfast you’ll get from my suggested Barcelona hotel just off Las Ramblas. Breakfast is served later in Spain than in other European countries, so planning on eating by 8am is reasonable and still leaves you a full day of Barcelona sightseeing.

Last, save yourself time on this Barcelona 3 day itinerary and don’t forget to get your top Barcelona attraction entry tickets online in advance, or purchase the Barcelona Card, especially if you’re traveling Barcelona solo during peak season. The last thing you want is to waste time in lines.

Casa Milà-La Pedrera Barcelona Spain
Casa Milà-La Pedrera

Day 1 – Eixample

Eixample is a district located in the heart of Barcelona, Spain known for its unique architecture and must do Barcelona attractions, such as Casa Milà and the UNESCO World Heritage Site listed structure, La Segrada Familia.

Here is your very full, first day in Barcelona with suggested entry times to keep you on point and not miss the top things to see in Barcelona in 3 days.

La Sagrada Familia interior Barcelona 3 day itinerary
La Sagrada Familia
La Rambla de Catalunya Barcelona Spain
Outdoor dining, La Rambla de Catalunya

Get your access to Barcelona Day 1 top attractions with any of the following options to make booking your first day in Barcelona easier.

Best Things to Do in Barcelona Day 1

Day 2 – Gothic Quarter, Port Vell, La Barceloneta

Your second day in Barcelona will be a little more leisurely, but still full of must-see Barcelona sights. You’ll start with more of Las Ramblas, this time in the opposition direction, heading into the historic Gothic Quarter and soak in the sun at the famous Barcelona beaches.

Barcelona Cathedral Barcelona Spain
Barcelona Cathedral
Platja de Sant Miquel Barcelona Spain
Platja de Sant Miquel

Get your access to Barcelona Day 2 top attractions with any of the following options to make booking your second day in Barcelona easier.

Best Things to Do in Barcelona Day 2

Day 3 – El Raval & Parc Montjuïc

To round out your last of 3 days in Barcelona, these top Barcelona activities and sites will not disappoint. By now you know the Las Ramblas area well, so do your jaunt to the Palau Güell with your 10am timed ticket to enjoy more of Gaudi’s influence in Barcelona while working up an appetite for lunch at La Boqueria.

Mercat de la Boqueria Barcelona 3 day itinerary
Mercat de la Boqueria

Best Ways to Do Barcelona Day 3

Barcelona 4 Day Itinerary Option

If you have the time to make this a 4 day Barcelona itinerary, which is not a bad idea considering how large Barcelona is, I suggest doing the following:

Day 4 Barcelona Entries

Església de Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla Sitges
Església de Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla, Sitges

Spain Travel Tips

It can get hot in Spain. Make sure you stay hydrated and wear your good marine and reef safe sunscreen all day.

For the best beach experience on your Spain solo travel over 50, check out the 25 solo travel essentials for going to the beach alone and the top tips on how to do a solo beach trip.

Sitges Beach Sitges Spain beach for solo travel
Sitges Beach

Sold on staying for 4 days in Barcelona (or longer)? Download my amazing Barcelona 4 Day Itinerary and Travel Guide.

Want more Barcelona day trip ideas? Here are some of the best day trip ideas for your Barcelona solo travel.

Best Day Trips from Barcelona

DOWNLOAD this Barcelona 3 Day Itinerary in a PDF

Now that you know all of the amazing things you can realistically see and do in Barcelona in 3 days, why not have this itinerary at your fingertips on your trip?

An international solo female traveler since 1995, you know this Barcelona Itinerary is from my actual, self-created and traveled Barcelona solo trip, not a crappy, AI-generated itinerary with stock photos and misinformation. I’ve done all of the work for you so you know it’s an itinerary you can trust.

Whether you’re a solo traveler, older traveler, or budget traveler, this Barcelona 3 Day Itinerary and Guide PDF is a steal.

So, why spend more time researching and planning? Grab this Barcelona itinerary now and download it in a Barcelona 3 Day Itinerary and Guide PDF. Formatted for sleek use on all devices, it not only gives you the 3 day itinerary, it also gives a full Barcelona travel guide. Check out all you get, with clickable links, taking out all of the guesswork so you can go ahead and book your Barcelona trip:

Barcelona 3 Day Itinerary PDF
  • Arrival transportation methods,
  • Barcelona Airport transportation to the city center,
  • Local transportation methods, including the Hop On Hop Off bus, walking and bike/e-bike tours,
  • City center accommodations recommendations (including budget stays),
  • What to eat and where to eat dining suggestions,
  • Dining apps to use,
  • City, historical and food walking tours,
  • The Barcelona Card,
  • Links to the top Barcelona attractions with clickable walking maps for each day in Barcelona,
  • What to bring to Barcelona travel essentials,
  • CORR Travel Spain and Barcelona Travel resources,
  • Barcelona events and holiday schedule, and
  • Eco-travel and ecotourism resources.

DOWNLOAD the Barcelona 4 Day Itinerary PDF

Have one more day in Barcelona? Get the same great Barcelona Travel Guide with 4 Days in Barcelona Itinerary PDF.

Let Me Hear From You

I would love to hear if this Barcelona 3 day itinerary (or 4 day itinerary) was helpful in planning your Spain solo travel. Post me your thoughts or questions in the Comments section below. Thank you!

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