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Rediscover You: 10 Benefits of Solo Travel Over 50

Imagine adventure filled with endless possibilities, where the only itinerary is the one you create. The benefits of solo travel over 50 can unlock multiple barriers enabling you to embark on extraordinary adventures with flexibility and freedom, forge meaningful connections, and perhaps reveal a person you never knew:  you.

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Solo Travel in Your 50s and Beyond is Gaining Popularity

Of course, you know I am out there doing my solo female travel over 50. However, don’t think I am the only one.

Let’s view some of the latest travel stats:

Gwen in San Sebastian Spain
Solo travel in Spain

Why Partake in Single Travel over 50?

It’s not just about the solo travel stats. Yet, the stats don’t lie:

  • According to Skyscanner, just over half (52%) of those surveyed said they choose to travel alone because friends and family don’t share their travel interests; and
  • 51% of UK travelers say solo travel is important for their mental health and wellness.
Gwen solo snorkeling in Zakynthos Greece
Solo snorkeling in Zakynthos, Greece

Benefits of Solo Traveling

Why are more midlife and older travelers going it alone? Whether you’re Generation X (like me) or a baby boomer, solo travelers over 50 can unlock a world of enriching experiences, gain independence and the chance to follow their passions, and rediscover the joy of exploration. Here’s why.

1 –  Traveling Solo Gives Independence and Freedom

This is number one of traveling alone benefits because, well, you just can’t beat the freedom and 45% of solo travelers agree. When you go it alone, you have the freedom to:

  • Craft your own, custom itinerary;
  • Make spontaneous decisions; and
  • Experience a sense of liberation and self-reliance that can only come from traveling alone.
Gwen solo traveling in Coimbra, Portugal
Spending a day in Coimbra, Portugal my way

2 – Self-Discovery and Personal Growth

Tours for solo travelers over 50 are not only a great way to meet other solo travelers but also a way to expand your interests, find hidden talents or find new passions. Don’t miss the chance to:

  • Take a journey of self-exploration and introspection; and
  • Gain a deeper understanding of oneself, personal values and interests.
Gwen eating a grasshopper in Mexico City
My first chapulines (grasshopper), Mexico City

3 – Become Empowered and Self-Confident

Whether completely going alone or traveling solo with a group for a time, you will still:

  • Overcome challenges and develop resilience;
  • Boost self-confidence through solo problem-solving; and
  • Celebrate personal achievements and accomplishments.

4 – Cultural Immersion and Connection

Single travelers over 50 can gain insights into different perspectives and ways of life that excite them by:

  • Engaging in authentic cultural experiences without distractions; and
  • Connecting with locals on a deeper level.
Sustainable winery Ibiza Spain
Learn about sustainable wine making in Ibiza, Spain

5 – Flexibility and Spontaneity

Remember that carefully curated solo travel itinerary? Yep, you can also:

  • Enjoy the freedom to chuck it and change your plans as you desire;
  • Seize an unexpected opportunity or connection with people you meet; and
  • Embrace the joy of just going with the flow.

6 – Over 50 Rest and Relaxation

Escaping daily responsibilities and obligations to recharge is top of people’s vacation ideas. On over 50 travel you get to:

  • Indulge in self-care and rejuvenation in any setting; and
  • Set your own pace and prioritize relaxation.

7 – Lifelong Learning

Do you ever feel like you never get enough time to be involved with what you’re passionate about, volunteer, or share what you do know? Over 50 single travel is the perfect time to foster continuous learning by:

  • Expanding your knowledge through educational travel experiences, like eco-voluntourism;
  • Taking immersive classes on history and art; or,
  • Experience local traditions firsthand.
Gwen scuba diving in Belize
Marine conservation volunteering in Belize

8 – Make Travel Connections and Friendships

From those I met a year a go to my mates I met backpacking Europe solo in 1995, with whom I still travel with to this day, I can truly attest that the more you travel alone, the more opportunities you have to:

  • Meet fellow travelers from diverse backgrounds and cultures;
  • Form meaningful connections and lifelong friendships; and
  • Share experiences and create lasting memories together.
Hiking with solo hostelers in Cinque Terre
Hiking with solo hostelers in Cinque Terre ’95 (forgive the quality)

9 – Traveling Single, Maximum Adaptability and Resilience

From Caribbean solo travel to Europe solo travel or other, navigating unfamiliar situations pushes your comfort zone, but also comes with:

  • Enhanced problem-solving and decision-making skills;
  • Ability to adapt to new environments; and
  • Build resilience overcoming travel-related challenges.

10 – Empathy and Global Perspective

Traveling alone you get to explore the cultures and environments of your choosing allowing you to:

  • Develop empathy and perspectives;
  • Foster understanding and appreciation for diversity of all of earth’s inhabitants; and
  • Contribute preserving a more interconnected and compassionate world.

I didn’t want to wait around to find someone to go to Alaska with me in this midlife travel, let alone get them to kayak with me. I’m thankful I traveled solo and captured this one-of-a-kind experience with nature:

How Are You Feeling About a Solo Adventure Now?

Travelling solo over 50 offers a unique opportunity for self-discovery, freedom, and personal growth.

The independence opens the doors to new adventure destinations and exploration at your own pace, while creating cherished memories.

Travel the World at 50 and Beyond

Travel over 50 alone with confidence today. CORR Travel’s curated solo itineraries, insightful travel guides, and invaluable budget travel ideas and travel tips are just begging to be used to help you unleash your solo adventure.

Solo Travel Itineraries to Get You Started

Final thoughts…

Over 50 solo travel may sound daunting, but trust me, it’s not – as long as you find the right solo travel for you.

In fact, once you start you may find you’ll never go back to needing to plan a trip with anyone ever again because you’ll know there’s possible connections that lie in await for you. The freedom is intoxicating.

Let Me Hear From You

I would love to hear if these 10 benefits of solo travel over 50 were helpful. Post me your thoughts or questions in the Comments section below. Thank you!

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