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The Perfect 3 Days in Prague Itinerary

Rev. 3/24/24

Embark on an extraordinary solo journey through the enchanting streets of Prague, immersing yourself in the rich history and vibrant atmosphere that awaits. This 3 days in Prague itinerary for solo travelers invites you to embrace the freedom of exploration and create unforgettable memories as you navigate this charming city.

As you’ll notice from the tips throughout, this Prague itinerary is intentionally written for the first time Prague solo traveler and/or older traveler (I am over 50 and have been traveling solo FOREVER). Yet, anyone can use this Prague itinerary it to plan and book a 3 day trip to Prague.

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St. Nicholas' Church Prague
St. Nicholas’ Church

All You Need for This 3 Day Prague Itinerary

Here are all of the sites you need to successfully book these perfect three days in Prague. I even give you my suggested Prague hotel as a wonderful, sustainable and budget friendly option for Prague solo travel.

I recommend you bookmark and use these sites early to lock in your Prague 3 day travel itinerary and get the best Prague travel deals.

The Prague Visitor Pass

Purchasing the Prague Visitor Pass before arrival is a great option for airport to city center transportation plus attractions that are in this 3 day itinerary.

I suggest getting the Prague Visitor Pass when you visit Prague for 3 days or more, especially during Prague peak travel season.

Not only does the Prague Visitor Pass include round trip Airport Express airport transportation and unlimited travel on public transport throughout Prague, it also includes access to over 60 attractions in Prague, including:

  • Prague Castle (including the Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica, Cathedral of St. Vitus, and Golden Lane)
  • Old Town Hall with Astronomical Clock (elevator included)
  • Petřín Lookout Tower and Mirror Maze
  • Petřín Funicular
  • Powder Tower
  • Old Town Bridge Tower
  • Tours and a lot more

Additionally, the pass is based on hours, not days, which is better. Purchase the Prague Visitor Pass for 72 hours (or 120 hours if you’re at least 4 days in Prague).

Remember, this pass can also be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance with a full refund. What more can you ask for in Prague?

Get Your Prague Visitor Pass to Save Time and Money

The Ultimate Prague Travel Guide & Video

Don’t forget to use the Ultimate Prague Solo Travel Guide to plan your 3 days in Prague, Czech Republic. It is the ultimate one-stop-shop guide for all you need to know to plan Prague solo travel with:

  • Best Time to Visit Prague
  • Getting to Prague
  • How to Get Around Prague
  • Prague Solo Travel Safety
  • What to Pack for Prague
  • Best Places to Stay in Prague
  • Best Things to See and Do in Prague
  • Prague Dining, Nightlife and Shopping
  • Best Booking Sites for Prague Travel
  • Top Prague Budget and Ecotourism Travel Tips

Want to see the ultimate Prague Solo Travel Guide in action instead? Discover Prague visually while learning the top 15 things to know before you go to Prague, from getting there, getting around, where to stay, top things to do in Prague, eco travel tips, what to bring, and more to plan your first time in Prague.

If you’re a first-time traveler to the Czech Republic, also use my ultimate Czech Republic Travel Guide full of tips on culture, entry requirements, currency, tipping, using electronics, safety, and a lot more.

Charles Bridge & Lesser Town Bridge Tower Prague
Lesser Town Bridge Tower

Book Your Flight to Prague Early to Save Money

5 MUST DOs in Prague VIDEO

Yep, you will get to do all of these must do Prague activities in this 3 days in Prague itinerary. Watch this Prague video and get inspired to travel to Prague.

Ways to Do Prague MUST DOs

You’re Prague in 3 Days Itinerary

Using this Prague solo travel itinerary, you’ll be moving quite a bit, with opportunities to rest, in order to cover the best things to see in Prague in 3 days, indoors and out.

Prague is the idyllically preserved European city. You will want to spend as much time outside as possible to absorb its beauty, especially from the multiple towers and vantage points providing sweeping views of the red roofed city.

However, do not let weather deter you from exploring Prague. Depending on time of year, dress accordingly and take advantage of the multiple indoor attractions, museums, shops, restaurants and bars if need be.

Top Tips for This Prague 3 Day Itinerary

  • This itinerary assumes staying in the vicinity of my suggested Prague hotel as a reference point. However, any city center hotel within in the ‘Best Area to Stay’ of the Prague Solo Travel Guide also works. Just allow some extra time for walking.
  • This 3 day itinerary for Prague starts the morning following day of arriving Prague.
  • Travel in the shoulder season for good weather and long daylight hours, less tourists, and lower costs.
  • This Prague itinerary is covered by walking. Prague is a mixture of flat and hilly terrain. You’ll be walking on a lot of concrete and cobblestones. Wear comfortable walking shoes.
  • Riding trams in Prague is not mandatory for this itinerary, however, it could save time between attractions, which may allow for you to add more to this itinerary if you wish.
  • Dress in layers to allow for changes in weather.

Day 1 – Malá Strana, Castle District & Petřín Hill


Refreshed from your first night in Prague, get up early, enjoy an expansive European breakfast at your hotel, then head out to walk along the glistening Vltava River taking in the beautiful architecture and Prague Castle you can’t help but spy on the hill.

Making towards the Charles Bridge, now is an opportune time to take the 45-minute Prague Venice river cruise while the morning is still and getting a chance to see more of the city.

Back at Charles Bridge, you can take your first tower climb up the Old Town Bridge Tower, if you’re up for it, with views of the river and Malá Strana (“Little Quarter” or “Lesser Town”) and beyond. Then walk across the classic pedestrian bridge to enjoy all angles from the bridge and the statues along the way.

Charles Bridge Tower Prague 3 day itinerary
Old Town Bridge Tower, Charles Bridge

Meander the streets in the Little Quarter without missing the chance to see the 30 meter long John Lennon Wall before hiking up Nerudova Street into the Castle District.

John Lennon Wall Prague Czech Republic
John Lennon Wall

At the top, take the chance to walk along part of the Prague Castle walls before heading within to tour jewel of Prague making sure not to miss the Saint Vitus Cathedral and the Golden Lane. The castle is pleasant self-guided, but guided castle tours are also available.

St. Vitus Cathedral Prague in 3 days
St. Vitus Cathedral


Having walked a good amount and done your tourist duty, now it’s time to make your way over to the Strahov Monestary with lunch first on the patio at the Strahov Brewery. If you’re feeling frisky, take a slight detour on the way to the brewery to find the Golden Trabant Car on Four Legs (Quo Vadis) sculpture by David Černý.

Prague Tourist Tip

David Černý is a Prague artist who has blessed Prague with 9 bizarre sculptures that can be found in scavenger hunt-type of fun around Prague. My hotel gave me a walking map with all of the locations.

Try to find as many of his sculptures as you can as you wander Prague. It’s great fun.

Kick back at the brewery to sample their home brews while dining on a filling goulash dish, which I call ‘Czech comfort food’. Boy, oh boy. 

Czech goulash with dumplings at Strahov brewery Prague
Goulash with dumplings, Strahov Brewery

Once satiated (or stuffed to the gills), you’re just steps from the Strahov Monastery, another nice detour.

Ready for more uphill walking? Perfect, because while you’re on the higher elevation, go just a little higher to Petřín Hill. Walk along the city walls in the park towards the Petřín Lookout Tower, Prague’s little replica of the Eiffel Tower. No matter how your feet feel, you definitely want to go up the tower because the views of Prague from the tower are simply epic.

Petrin Tower Petrin Park Prague
Petřín Lookout Tower, Petřín Park

Once you’ve had your fill of picture taking from the tower, explore more of the park by first popping into the Mirror Maze for a bit of childish fun and grab an ice cream cone to go (hey, you’re on vacation and you’ll walk it off anyway).

Wander past St. Lawrence Church and its flowered grounds towards the Štefánik Observatory and the spectacular Růžový sad Petřín (rose garden) where you can take a breather on one of the benches surrounded by all of the colors a rose can be and devour the ice cream cone you earned from all of that walking.

Charles Bridge from Petrin Hill Prague
Charles Bridge from Petřín Lookout Tower

You could ride the Petřín funicular down, but I recommend walking back down the way you came and go through the Petřín Gardens at the base of the lookout tower and explore your way down the park paths towards Charles Bridge. Have some leisurely fun while walking down hill.


Whatever you do, ensure to walk back across the Charles Bridge while the sun is setting. The city is a glow in color. It’s not to be missed.

You have earned a nice meal out and many Czech beers for your walking tour on day one in Prague. Explore the restaurants and bars along the river. The choice is yours. Try an after dinner absinthe at the hole-in-the-wall absinthe bar, Green Devil.

Charles Bridge at sunset
Charles Bridge at sunset

Day 1 Prague Activities

The Prague Venice river cruise, Old Town Bridge Tower, The Prague Castle, Petřín Lookout Tower, Mirror Maze, and Petřín Funicular are free with the Prague Visitor Pass.

Day 2 – New Town & Old Town


After loading up on breakfast, head out on day two of your 3 days in Prague to explore Nové Město (New Town) starting with a stroll southbound along the river to catch a glimpse of the unique Dancing House, so called to symbolize the country’s moving away from its communist past towards democracy. There is a terrace on top open to the public with panoramic city views.

Dancing House Prague walking tour
Dancing House

Now turn away from the river and head further into New Town. A mere 15 minute walk away is the New Town Hall where you’ll want to learn more about Prague’s history in the observation tower while taking in more skyline views of Prague, albeit from a lower level.

Prague skyline view from New Town Hall Tower Prague
Skyline view from New Town Hall Tower


Heading east you’ll eventually come to the expansive Wenceslas Square with the imposing Národní Muzeum (National Museum) at its head and buildings stacked against each other offering shops and outdoor dining options as far as the eye can see.

This is a great area to soak in the sun while finding a patio along the endless sidewalk for lunch and a cocktail (or two).

Lady walking in Wenceslas Square Prague
Wenceslas Square

After lunch, stay on the same direction towards the Můstek metro stop where more pedestrian streets and shopping options abound. Take a left to see if you can find Černý’s Rotating Head and King Wenceslas sculptures.

David Černý King Wenceslas sculpture 3 days in Prague
King Wenceslas, by David Černý

Found them? Perfect. Now turn around and leisurely stroll the blocks and blocks of the tree-lined Na Prikope and main shopping area of Prague, which also marks the border of Staré Mesto (Old Town).

Na Prikope opens up at a roundabout and you can’t help but see the Powder Tower and the beautiful Municipal House in front of you. Thirsty? Grab a free large beer at the Pilsner Pub or free coffee at gorgeous Art Nouveau style Municipal House Café, or both, with your Prague Visitor Pass.

Municipal House Cafe Prague Czech Republic
Municipal House Cafe

Now in Old Town Prague, a UNESCO World Heritage site, head west past the Powder Tower on Celetná, which turns into a pedestrian street, leading you towards Staromestska Radnice (Old Town Square) and the Old Town Hall and Tower you’ll see looming ahead.

It’s breathtaking when you see the open 10th-century square surrounded by Gothic buildings and outdoor cafes and restaurants.

Old Town Hall Tower Old Town Square Prague 3 days
Old Town Hall Tower, Old Town Square

Take your time here and meander to your heart’s content. Spy the medieval Astronomical Clock, the third-oldest astronomical clock, and oldest clock, in the world still in operation, on the side of the Old Town Hall Tower.

When ready, tour the interior of the Old Town Hall, making your way up to try to get a viewing of the Astronomical Clock’s rotating apostles and, of course, a view of Prague and the Old Town Square below.

Astronomical Clock Old Town, Prague itinerary
Astronomical Clock


You’ve done it. You’ve played tourist in Prague with a lot more walking. You deserve a break and some more great views of Prague.

Rest your feet up over some food and cocktails on the rooftop of Hotel U Prince in the Old Town Square. Note: you must be dining to go up to the rooftop, and I highly suggest making reservations for, you guessed it, sunset dining.

After dinner, wander Old Town to find an absinthe bar or whatever strikes your fancy for the evening.

Old Town Square Prague from Hotel U Prince
Old Town Square from Hotel U Prince

Day 2 Prague Activities

Day 2 in Prague was full of free activities. Everything else was included with the Prague Visitor Pass: New Town Hall and observation tower, Municipal House coffee and/or beer, Powder Tower, Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock.

Day 3 – Little Quarter & Old Town


Your last of 3 days in Prague allows for a slightly lazy start. Load up on breakfast again, because here comes more walking.

Start out crossing the Most Legií (Legion Bridge) and head north along the river into Kampa Park and find two more David Černý sculptures.

Spend a lazy morning exploring the park. Grab a snack and refreshment at Mlýnská Kavárna (since you’re already there), or pop into The Wall Pub for a brew.

David Černý artwork countertop Kavárna Mlýnská on 3 days in Prague
David Černý countertop, Kavárna Mlýnská


From the park, keeping northbound, passing the Lesser Town Bridge Towers (go up for an additional scenic views of Prague if you’re feeling up to it), before getting to the Franz Kafka Museum and, you guessed it, more David Černý.

I believe the Kafka Museum to be a treat and under rated. Do not miss spending an hour within this museum documenting one of Prague’s most famous sons.

Piss by David Černý - Franz Kafka Museum Prague
Piss by David Černý, Kafka Museum

Now you’re ready to cross yet another bridge, the Mánesův most (Manes Bridge) to head back to Old Town and wander the streets of the Jewish Quarter, taking in the grand synagogues, a 15th-century Jewish cemetery and the Jewish Museum which depicts the life of Prague’s Jewish community through the centuries.

You can do this afternoon self-guided or join a Jewish Quarter and Old Town tour with the Prague Visitor Pass.

Kafka Statue Jewish Quarter Prague 3 days
Kafka Statue, Jewish Quarter


You’re winding down your Prague solo itinerary. It’s last chance for more Czech comfort food and drinks. For good food dining the locals, have dinner with beer at Lokal not far from the Jewish Quarter.

Waiter in Lokal restaurant Prague

Either head back to the hotel to freshen up, or just keep on going for the night.

Yes, the Czech Republic is known for its beer, and absinthe bars are popular in Prague. However, don’t discount the Czech wine. It’s lovely.

For a low-key feel close by in Old Town, I recommend trying Bokovka tucked in an alley for delicious wines and an after dinner cheese or charcuterie board.

For bubbly, try Champagneria in Old Town that has regular live music, or perhaps an evening eco-cruise with a glass of Prosecco (20% off with your Prague Visitor Pass) to say goodbye to a fabulous long weekend in Prague. Cheers!

wine and charcuterie board at Bokovka Prague
Wine and yummies, Bokovka

Day 3 Prague Activities

Besides food and drink, can you believe the only thing that wasn’t covered under the Prague Visitor Pass on your last day in Prague was the Franz Kafka Museum? How’s that for spending 3 days in Prague?

Get Your Prague Visitor Pass to Save Time and Money

If you don’t want to use the Prague Visitor Pass, you are welcome to purchase Prague entry and excursion tickets individually.

Here is a recap of some of the best things to do in Prague you get in this 3 day Prague itinerary.

Best Things to Do in Prague in 3 Days

Day 4 Prague Itinerary Option

If you can, up your 3 days in Prague to 4 days in Prague and allow for one amazing day trip from Prague, such as Český Krumlov or Kutná Hora, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Doing an organized group day trip from Prague to any of the locations below is a great way to meet other travelers to break up your Prague solo trip.

Top Day Trips from Prague

Start Planning Your Prague 3 Day Budget

Let Me Hear From You

I would love to hear how my 3 days in Prague itinerary worked on your Prague solo travel. Post me your thoughts or questions in the Comments section below. Thank you!

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