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Solo traveler at scenic overlook

Solo Travel During Covid-19: 15 Planning Tips To Know

With COVID-19 vaccines being administered in the U.S. and other countries, travel is starting to pick up again. Yeah! If you’re one of the many over 40 solo travelers dying to fly the friendly skies (yes, they are still friendly), use my 15 travel planning tips for successful solo travel during COVID-19.

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How to Travel Carry-on Only

Travel Carry-On Only: Top 20 Tips

It is possible to do carry-on only travel on your solo travel, no matter where or how long you travel. Just use my top 20 tips on how to travel carry-on only. These tips have worked for me traveling across multiple countries during a pandemic.

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Gardens at Palace of Versailles France

Day Trip from Paris to Versailles Tips and Tricks

The Palace of Versailles is undoubtedly the biggest tourist draw in Versailles, less than 40km southwest of Paris. Yep, that means big tourist lines. If you’ll be coming from Paris, too, don’t fear. Read on to find out how to do the best day trip from Paris to Versailles

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Ways to Travel Without Traveling Over 40

10 Ways to Travel Without Traveling Over 40

There may be reasons why you can’t travel when you want to (who said “pandemic”?), but don’t fret. There are ways to feel like you’re getting away without leaving home. Try these 10 ways to travel without traveling over 40. They’ll get you through those tough, non-travel times.

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Plan Your Eiffel Tower Visit in Paris

How to Plan Your Eiffel Tower Visit in Paris

When someone hears of Paris, they cannot help think of the Eiffel Tower. If you are going to Paris for the first time, let me provide you vital tips on how to plan your Eiffel Tower visit in Paris so you don’t walk away from your solo trip to Paris with any regrets.

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Plan for a Solo Road Trip-The Expert Tips

The Expert Tips for Planning a Solo Road Trip

Want to see the USA solo by car but have no clue how to plan? Here are the expert tips for planning a solo road trip across the U.S. from the female, solo traveler who’s driven tens of thousands of miles across America.

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How to Save Money for Solo Travel

How to Save Money for Solo Travel

By now you’ve read my first three steps in starting to solo travel:  Planning Your First Solo Trip,  How to Choose Your First Solo Travel Destination, and How to Create a Solo Travel Budget and thinking, this is great information,

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How to Create a Travel Budget

How to Create a Travel Budget for Solo Travel

You’ve finished Step 2 – How to Choose Your First Solo Travel Destination and now you’re pumped to get started on planning that solo trip. Take the next step: learn how to create a travel budget for solo travel to ensure a successful trip.

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Excuses Not to Travel Debunked

Excuses Not to Travel Debunked

It’s common knowledge amongst Americans that we do not travel as much as we’d like, either due to lack of time, money, fear, or other reasons.  I touched upon this in my post,

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6 Tips to Avoid Airport Lines

How to Save Time in Airport Lines

Let’s face it, the air travel experience is not what it used to be.  Remember the days when you could arrive at the airport 10 minutes before your flight left, cruise through security in ten seconds by just

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Benefits of a Tourist Walking Map

Have Map, Will Travel

Remember how I mentioned the importance of knowing your starting and end points on your walking map in Five Basic Tips for the Novice International Tourist?  Well, here is a little example as to why.

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Planning Your First Solo Trip Step 1

You’re ready to start traveling solo for the first time. Great! You’ve been reading online articles and blogs about what’s important and what not so important in solo travel planning. You may start to feel

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