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Hiker in hammock traveling alone

Advantages of Traveling Alone in 2020

Traveling solo already has multiple advantages, but I feel these advantages can only be amplified during pandemic travel. If you have to travel now, here is my list of advantages of traveling alone in 2020

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Person counting money for travel

How to Save Money for Solo Travel

By now you’ve read my first three steps in starting to solo travel:  Planning Your First Solo Trip,  How to Choose Your First Solo Travel Destination, and How to Create a Solo Travel Budget and

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The Hoover Dam Arizona

How to Tour Hoover Dam

Whether you find yourself anywhere in the vicinity from Las Vegas, Nevada, or you’re doing a Las Vegas to Denver road trip, the Hoover Dam is an attraction must, and here are my tips on

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View of Varenna from Lake Como to inspire people to travel

Excuses Not to Travel Debunked

(Revised 4/28/20) It’s common knowledge amongst Americans that we do not travel as much as we’d like, either due to lack of time, money, fear, or other reasons.  I touched upon this in my post,

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Tourists traveling up Sugarloaf Mtn in tram Rio de Janeiro

Why Don’t Americans Travel?

One of the reasons why I started the CORR Travel blog was due to the continual feedback I’ve received from people in my country when I talk with them about my travels.  Feedback such as,

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People in Airport baggage ticketing line

6 Tips to Avoid Airport Lines

Let’s face it, the air travel experience is not what it used to be.  Remember the days when you could arrive at the airport 10 minutes before your flight left, cruise through security in ten

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Ocean view from Tom Owens Caye Belize beach

7 Tips and Tricks for Traveling to Belize

You’re off to Belize?  Of course you are!  Who wouldn’t want to experience a country with a Jaguar Preserve, Mayan ruins, fishing, snorkeling, or diving in crystal clear waters with one of the most amazing

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The River Seine and Eiffel Tower Paris France

Have Map, Will Travel

Rev. 4/24/20 Remember how I mentioned the importance of knowing your starting and end points on your walking map in Five Basic Tips for the Novice International Tourist?  Well, here is a little example as

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Arc de Triumph Paris France cityscape

Planning Your First Solo Trip: Step 1

Revised 4/2/20 You’re ready to start traveling solo for the first time.  Great! You’ve been reading online articles and blogs about what’s important and what not so important in solo travel planning.  You may start to

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