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Ultimate Guide to Split Croatia Solo Travel (2024)

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Are you looking to explore some of the stunning Adriatic coast on your own terms? Then head to Split, Croatia. Compiled from my first-hand Split solo travel, this ultimate Guide to Split Croatia Solo Travel has all things Split travel tips with bonus budget travel tips, eco-travel tips, and more throughout. This is your one-stop-shop to plan an unforgettable solo Croatian vacation in Split.

Whether a single day trip or a full-on solo adventure, Split will wow you. This ancient city has stunning landscapes and beaches, gobs of history, incredible food and wine, and friendly locals. Better yet, Split a great jumping off point to explore surrounding islands like Hvar, Brač and Korčula, to name a few, as well as other Croatian gems like Trogir, Solin, Makarska and more.

Get ready to explore Split, Croatia.

This Split Travel Guide is intentionally written for the solo traveler, the first time Split traveler, and/or older traveler (I am over 50 and have been solo traveling FOREVER) in mind. Yet, anyone can use this travel guide it to plan and book Split Croatia travel.

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Ultimate Croatia Solo Travel Guide

If you need more Croatia travel tips to supplement your solo travel Split Croatia planning, consult this ultimate Croatia Solo Travel Guide full of tips on culture, entry requirements, currency, tipping, using electronics, safety, and a lot more to plan solo travel in Croatia.

Croatia had been on my travel bucket list for many years. When finally able to go, I couldn’t decide which city to choose first to experience Croatia: Dubrovnik or Split. Choosing Split was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Want to know what an incredible time I had in Split? Don’t just read. Use my Best of Split in 3 Days Itinerary and you, too, will experience the perfect, first-time Split solo travel.

What is Split Croatia Known For?

Croatia’s second largest city, Split is the largest city in Croatia’s Dalmatia region and situated nicely between mountains and the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea and lovely Dalmatian Coast islands.

Split offers history, colorful architecture and Roman ruins, spectacular wine tasting and cuisine, outdoor land and water activities, and some of the best beaches in Europe, if not the world.

Split Croatia
Split, Dalmatian Coast

Split is best known for being the home of the Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a must see in Split. Built for the Roman emperor Diocletian, the palace consumes most of the Old Town. It was built in the fourth century AD, which also marks the establishment of the city of Split itself.

The area of Split is also known for being the origin of the zinfandel grape (no, it’s not from California or Italy), and where the famous Zlatni Rat Beach (Golden Horn) resides on nearby Brac Island.

Is Split Croatia worth visiting?

Considering the history of Split Croatia alone begs visiting Split. Ask any local, young or old, a question about Split, and they will proudly regale you with historical facts and stories, as well as provide recommendations on what to see in Split. Their knowledge and enthusiasm of their hometown and country is infectious.

Croatia had been on my bucket list for many years before I actually had time to carve out 3 days in Croatia. I had wrestled between Dubrovnik and Split for my first Croatia solo trip.

However, I couldn’t escape the lure of the history and thoughts of visiting the surrounding islands for beach time and wine tasting, so Split solo travel it was. The bigger problem was making my solo travel itinerary for just 3 days in Split.

There is much to see and do in Split. Yet, Split is a place in Croatia to take it slow, like lounging on the beach. If you have 4 days in Split, or a week in Split, even better.

Best Time to Visit Split Croatia

The best time to travel to Split, Croatia depends on weather, costs, activities and events offered.

Ježinac Beach on Split solo travel itinerary
Ježinac Beach in September

Split Croatia Weather & Costs

Like many European countries, peak tourist season in Croatia is June through August. The weather in Split Croatia is also at its hottest with an average of low 80F degrees and the least amount precipitation. These are, however, the most expensive months to visit Split.

After peak season may be considered the best time to go to Split Croatia. September and October offer warm weather and water, fewer tourists, and slightly lower travel costs.

Riva waterfront Split Croatia
Riva waterfront

April and May are lovely months to visit Split as well, but the water may be cooler.

November through March, Split’s winter, has an average temperature of 45F degrees but also fewer tourists and lowest costs. Split in winter would be when to solo travel on a budget.

My last solo travel in Split was in September, and it was lovely. To get the best Split solo travel experience, May to October would be when to visit Split.

Festivals in Split Croatia

I always suggest checking the local events calendar when planning solo travel.

There are festivals in Split Croatia year round. Consult them to know how they may impact or enhance your Croatia travel.

Diocletians Palace Golden Gate Split Croatia
Golden Gate, Diocletian’s Palace

Is Split Croatia Expensive?

Split is not as expensive to travel as some other European cities, like Copenhagen or Paris.

For example, an inexpensive meal in a restaurant could cost 60 kuna, a bottle of import beer 18 kuna, or a cappuccino 12 kuna. Buying food in a store would cost less and make your single travel budget stretch further.

Split has budget city center accommodations and Split activities can be done inexpensively, such as a group boat tour to Blue Lagoon, or even free such as exploring beaches on foot.

Of course, luxury accommodations in Split and high-end activities, like taking a private boat trip to Blue Lagoon and islands, also exist.

The point is, Split can be enjoyed across different budgets.

Croatia Solo Travel Tips

Croatia’s currency is the Kuna (HRK), not the Euro. Croatia is not yet a part of the European Union (at time of this writing). Manage your currency exchange wisely on your solo trip to Croatia.

There are ATM’s a plenty in Split for you to extract local currency, if need be.

Getting to Split Croatia

Flying into Split

Flights to Split Croatia arrive at the Split Airport (SPU). The Split Airport has one main terminal and there are multiple airlines that fly to Split.

The airport is about 23 kilometers from the Split city center. If your hotel does not offer airport shuttle service, there are several other Split Airport transport options to get from Split Airport to the city centre.

Trg Franje Tuđmana Split Croatia
Trg Franje Tuđmana, City Center

Search for Cheap Flights to Split

Croatia Eco Travel Tips

For only 2 to 3 hour flights to Croatia, or within, take the train or the bus to Split instead. It could also save time and money, and the scenery is much prettier.

Split Airport Transportation

Split Airport Taxis and Rideshares

An easy option is to take a Split Airport taxi or hire an Uber or Bolt rideshare, all available at the Split Airport. My Uber from Split Airport to Old Town cost 258 Kunas with tip (at time of writing), which is about the same cost as a taxi.

Catch your airport rideshare on the main street at the public bus stop. Taxi and rideshares from Split Airport to city center take 20-25 minutes, depending on traffic.

Note, when I take a ride share or taxi, I like to pick the driver’s brain for information on the location, get good activity or dining tips, or tips or what to do or avoid.

Locals are the best source of travel information. In Split, the locals are friendly, a wealth of information, and they love to share.

Croatia Eco Travel Tips

When hiring a rideshare, choose the Bolt Green or Uber Green options, or use Carpoolworld, to support the use of electric cars and carpooling for cleaner transportation in Croatia.

Split Airport Transfers to Split

A budget friendly, more eco-friendly, and quick option is to hire a transfer from Split Airport to Split. Trips are 45 minutes to Old Town and the cost is very comparable to a taxi or rideshare. Plus, you can book a Split Airport to Split transfer in advance.

Ježinac Beach on Split solo travel itinerary
Ježinac Beach

Split Airport Transfers to Outside Split

If you are staying on of the islands around Split like Brac or Hvar, or a little further outside of Split, there are more Split Airport transfer options.

Split Airport Transfer to Islands & More

The following are eco-friendly transportation options, however, will save you money if you are traveling Split on a budget.

Split Airport Train and Bus

There are public Split Airport buses available to take you to the Kastel Stari train station in Split where you catch the train to the Split main railway station next to the Port of Split.

The public Split Airport bus ride is about 10 minutes, with the total trip taking about 35 minutes and costing 25 Kunas, a very Split budget friendly method for getting to Split.

Split Airport Bus

Another budget friendly airport transfer is the Split Airport bus. For 40 Kunas, you can catch the #37 bus directly from the main terminal with a ride to the main Split bus station, next to the main railway station, taking about 35-40 minutes. You pay the driver on the bus.

Split Airport Car Rental

I advise against renting a car if staying solo in Split, or close to Split. Why deal with city center parking and additional petrol expenses? Here are better ways to get from the Split Airport.

If your Croatia travel involves off-the-beaten path travel, however, then renting a car at the Split airport may be best for your Croatia solo travel itinerary.

Explore Split Car Rentals

Bus to Split

Buses to Split arrive at the main Split bus station which are quick, inexpensive, and eco-friendly ways to get to Split from other countries or Croatian cities.

Train to Split

Same goes for trains to Split. Check the Split train tickets and schedules to the Split railway station next to the Port of Split.

Trainline Provides Cheap Train and Bus Tickets to Split

EN - 970x250

Ferry to Split

If you’re already in Croatia or coming from Italy, a Croatia Ferry may be an option for you on your solo travel to Split.

Boats in Bol Croatia

Getting Around Split

Is Split walkable?

Yes, Split is very walkable. In fact, many of the top things to do in Split are accessible by foot.

Old Town and the palace are only comprised of narrow, stone pedestrian streets packed with restaurants and cafes, hotels, boutique shopping, and never ending history.

Inside walls of Diocletian's Palace Split
Diocletian’s Palace pedestrian streets

If you want to learn more about Split or its incredible food and wine, consider a historic walking tour or Split food walking tour. There are private and group tours available. Again, group tours do provide that additional chance to meet others when traveling Split alone.

Best Split Group Walking Tours

Best Split Private Walking Tours

Tour Split by Bike or Scooter

Looking for exercise while seeing more of Split? A large portion of Split is flat, but also surrounded by picturesque beaches and the Marjan Park, ideal for biking and/or scootering. Consider renting a bike in Split or scooter.

Save Time and Book Your Split Bike or Scooter in Advance

Want company riding around to enhance your Split, Crotia solo travel? Split has group bike tours. These tours are eco-friendly and a great way for solo travelers of all ages to to learn more about Split while meeting new people.

Best Split Bike Tours

Tour Split by Water

Considering Split sits on the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic, and flanked by multiple islands just begging you to explore, how could you even consider missing the chance to tour around Split by boat, kayak or other?

On my last solo trip to Split, I did boating to an Brac and swam at the Golden Horn Beach. I also did a morning kayak from Bene beach with cliff jumping while also swimming off Kasjuni beach. The group and tour was so much fun. I was the oldest person in the small group kayak tour and had a blast.

Day or night, Split boating and water adventures are a must on Croatia solo travel.

Best Split Boat Tours and Cruises

Best Split Water Activities

Split Public Transport

The Split bus is another way to explore Split beyond Old Town.

The main Split bus terminal is a convenient 10 minute walk from Old Town. Split public bus tickets are inexpensive, bus lines run daily from 5am to midnight, and the Split public bus network is extensive opening up more possibilities for fun on budget Croatia solo travel.

Riva waterfront Split Croatia
Riva waterfront

Is Split Croatia Safe to Visit Alone?

Crime in Split is very low. Split is also considered very safe to walk alone day or night, so you don’t need to worry about safety in Split as solo female traveler. I never felt unsafe walking alone in Split on my over 50 single travel.

As always, practice general safety measures, such as walking on well-lit streets and keeping your belongings on you at all times, especially in crowded or touristy areas.

Other than that, you should consider Split one of the best places to go by yourself.

Pjaca Square & Old Town Hall Old Town Split
Pjaca Square & Old Town Hall

Split Packing Essentials

I’m not one to tell someone else how to pack, but there definitely some solo travel essentials I would recommend taking on your solo travel to Croatia, like the following.

This list of travel essentials combined can make your Split, Croatia solo travel easier and more memorable while being friendlier to the environment.

Best Place to Stay for Split Solo Travel

The Split city center, including the Old Town, is where it’s at for first time solo travel to Split, as indicated on the map below.

Many of the must do Split activities and attractions, including access to Split nightlife, are within minutes of walking or a quick bus ride away from the bus stops close by.

Where to stay in Split map
Where to stay in Split Croatia

Of course, you can stay outside this section of the Split city center, but it may just add a little time to this Split, Croatia solo travel itinerary, depending on what you ultimately decide to see and do in Split.

Split Solo Travel Tips

Have WhatsApp on your mobile device(s). Many smaller establishments and activities offices use this as a method of communication making it easier to make inquiries or booking and learn, or notify, of any scheduling changes.

Get the T-Mobile International Plan or something similar in price and features. I no longer work on WiFi only on international travel. I’ll use it when it’s there, but having access to roaming when needed for GPS and Google Maps is a game changer.

Split Hotels and More

There are many accommodations in Split city center across all budget types to choose from. Going in the off season, or booking well in advance, will get you the best Split prices.

Book a Travel Sustainable-rated property, or at least employs these methods into their business to reduce your travel carbon footprint.

Split Hotels

Hotels in Split range from budget to luxury.

For location, price, breakfast, amenities (including free-cancellation), eco-friendly and sustainable operations, and customer reviews and ratings, here are my best hotels in Split recommendations in or around Split Old Town ideal for over 50 solo travel on a Split 3 day itinerary (i.e., where I would stay):

I last stayed at Starlight Luxury Rooms conveniently located around the corner from Diocletian’s Palace. My room and bed were large and comfortable, the breakfast was incredible, and the hotel staff friendly and helpful.

In fact, ask for Mario. He was the bomb.  He had such great information, helped me with activities, and was accessible by a quick WhatsApp message.

2023 update: Starlight Luxury Rooms is now Travel Sustainable rated through Booking.com. I knew it was a matter of time considering their sustainable initiatives (below).

Starlight Luxury Rooms, Split Sustainable Initiatives
Sustainable Initiatives, Starlight Luxury Rooms

Reserve Split Accommodations Early for the Best Price

Split Eco Travel Tips

In addition to Booking.com’s Split’s Travel Sustainable properties, Green Globe and Green Key Global also have eco-friendly certified lodging options.

Split Hostels

Hostels in Split city center can be a budget accommodation for over 50 single travel.  Using the same conditions above, with the ability to get a private room, my Split hostel for solo travel recommendation is Hostel Dvor.

It is in a good location and also employs some sustainability initiatives.

Split Budget Travel Tips

Hostels in Split Croatia could start from around €20-30/night, depending on what amenities and location you want. Note, these are usually for a bed in a dorm room. A private room in a Split city center hostel could cost the same, if not more, than a budget hotel.

Reserve Split Hostel Early for the Best Private Room

Vestibulum of Diocletian's Palace on Split solo travel itinerary
Vestibulum, Diocletian’s Palace

5 MUST DOs on Split Croatia VIDEO

So, what are the best things to do in Split as a solo traveler?

Start with these 5 Split must do’s in this video. After this glimpse of Split solo travel, you’ll be dying to book your flight to Split.

Ways to Do Split MUST DOs

MORE Best Things to do In Split

You have to keep in mind Split’s ideal location, beaches and proximity to parks and islands that can keep you hopping, pardon the pun.

Here are more must see Split attractions for your Split itinerary perfect for a single traveler. If you want to know how to see most of them on your first time Split travel, use my Best of Split in 3 Days Itinerary. It’s all in there. Easy peasy.

Churches & Cathedrals

St. Duje’s Cathedral altar
Altar, Saint Duje’s Cathedral

Architectural Buildings & Historic Sites

Diocletian's Palace cellars on Split solo travel itinerary
Diocletian’s Palace cellars

Split Landmarks, Points of Interest & Monuments

Grgur Ninski-Gregory of Nin monument Split Croatia
Grgur Ninski Statue

Museums & Aquariums

Peristil Square of Diocletian's Palace Split
Peristil Square, Diocletian’s Palace

Parks and Gardens

Get out and enjoy some incredible nature and hiking around Split.

Cliff jumping at Kasjuni Beach for Split solo travel itinerary
Cliff jumping near Kasjuni Beach

Split Beaches

Split is not short of spectacular beaches. Here are but some of the best Europe beaches you can find in Split accessible by foot, Split public transportation or a ferry.

Relax and sunbathe, or swim, snorkel, dive, kayak, parasail, paddle board, cliff jump or more.

Split Travel Tips

It can get hot in Split. Make sure you stay hydrated and wear your good marine and reef safe sunscreen all day.

For the best beach experience on your Split solo travel over 50, check out the 25 solo travel essentials for going to the beach alone and the top tips on how to do a solo beach trip.

Many beaches have lounge bars with lounge chairs and umbrellas. Some are even nude beaches. Heads up.


A must do in Split is taking a ride out to one of the following islands from Split. Here are some that are available to see:

Hvar, Brac and Korcula are ideal for a day trip from Split. There are daily, high speed ferries from Split to Hvar, Split to Brac, and Split to Korcula.

Each island offers its own charm, special beaches and activities. It may be hard to decide on just one. If you want to go to more than one island, there are island hopping tours from Split.

I suggest going to as many islands off Split as you can. Definitely go to at least one.

Bol Port & Stina Winery Brac Croatia
Stina Winery, Bol Port

Best Island Tours from Split

Split Croatia Dining & Entertainment

Split Restaurants

Dining in Split can be hard only because of trying to choose from one of the kanobas (restaurants) and bars galore in Old Town and on the Riva. Wander the streets to find one or get a recommendation from a local.

Here is a list of restaurants in Split to get you started. For good meals that won’t break your bank, I recommend checking out Corto Maltese, Restoran Skalinada, or Konoba Varoš.

Definitely have the gelato at Gelateria Emiliana. Don’t be surprised if there is a line. It’s worth the wait.

Split Food

What to eat in Split? Croatia’s long history is truly reflected in its cuisine that has Italian, Turkish, Hungarian and other influences.

Situated on the Adriatic, the Italian influence is heavy in Split’s cuisine. Popular are dishes of cheeses, prosciutto, bread with olive oil, and olives.

Cheese and olives wine tasting Stina Winery
Cheese and olives, Stina Winery wine tasting

Seafood is also a large staple in Split dining, such as skampi, mussels, crabs, octopus, and the like. Dishes may be served with sides of spaghetti, njoki (gnocchi), or risotto. Beef and fish stews are also popular.

For dessert, try a fritula (traditional pastry like a powdered sugar donut) or rozata (pudding with caramel sauce).

By all means, do not lose out on tasting the local wines, like whites made from the Pošip white wine grape native to Korčula or luscious zinfandels. Croatia has amazing wines, and wine tasting, or taking a wine tasting tour from Split, is another Split must do.

Eco Travel Tips

Avoid using single-use plastics when dining, shopping and on food tours in Split to reduce plastic waste and your carbon footprint by bringing your own reusable collapsible shopping bags, collapsible water bottle, recycled plastic water bottle carry sling, and bamboo travel utensils so you’re prepared to travel with the planet in mind.

I always travel with the above items. Light weight and taking up very little space in my carry-on bags, I love the convenience and peace of mind these inexpensive, eco-friendly products provide.

Best Food and Wine Tours in Split

Best Food and Wine Day Trips from Split

Split Nightlife

Old Town, Marmont Street and the Riva is where it is at for bars and restaurants. Split nightclubs can also be found on the Riva and port area.

It’s safe to walk Split at night, even as a female traveler, so feel free to wander to find the right place.

More Wine Travel Ideas

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Day Trips from Split

Once on the Adriatic, you’re going to want see more of Croatia. Trust me.

For ease, I suggest taking a day trip from Split, or two, while keeping Split as home base. Start with any of the multiple islands around Split.

There are also top Croatia cities and parks, like Krka National Park and Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, doable in a day trip from Split.

I highly recommend working at least one day trip from Split into your Croatia solo travel.

Taking one of the following group tours from Split, or more, is a very convenient way to see more of Croatia without a car.

More Top Split Day Trip Tours

BEST Booking Sites for Split Travel

Here is a summary of the best booking sites I recommend you use to successfully book your Split solo travel. I use just about all of these for most travel locations. I even gave you my suggested Split hotel.

These booking sites give you multiple travel options and awesome travel deals for all travel budgets. They will certainly help get a jump on your Split, Croatia solo travel.

For the best travel deals, always book early. Bundling airline and hotel reservations may provide additional deals.

Don’t forget to use the ultimate Croatia Solo Travel Guide and Split ecotourism ideas to complete your Split, Croatia solo travel planning and booking.

How to Get THE BEST of Split Croatia in 3 Days

You’re all set to get your Split solo travel on, right? Need some ideas on how to plan your days?

My 3 days in Split solo travel itinerary will definitely please. It even has suggestions on how stay longer on your first-time solo travel in Croatia.

Let Me Hear From You

I would love to hear if my ultimate Guid to Split Croatia Solo Travel was helpful to you. Post me your thoughts or questions in the Comments section below. Thank you!

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