Long-haul Flight Essentials

15 Long-haul Flight Essentials for Over 50 Travel

You don’t have a friend or family as backup if you forgot something for your long flight when you’re traveling solo. Missing something on your packing list can be avoided if you travel with these 15 long-haul flight essentials. They will not only make your over 50 travel more enjoyable, but most are either eco-friendly or sustainable travel products that can also reduce your carbon footprint.

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This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. For products, the goal is to first provide direct links to eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable companies, and then to those same type (i.e., Climate Pledge Friendly Certification), of brands that use Amazon, if possible. Therefore, you may see multiple links for one option. Should you make a purchase through any link, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. See my Disclaimers & Disclosures and Privacy Policy for more information.

15 Must-Have Travel Essentials on Long Flights

Whether you’re traveling with carry-on only, which I always prefer, or traveling internationally during a pandemic, you need to plan your packing list correctly.

After arriving safely and on time, the goal of a long-haul flight is to make it as easy and comfortable as possible, right? Here are 15 not-to-miss eco-friendly travel products to have on you that will help do just that.

1 – Personal Item Bag by Solo NY

The item to start with is with your personal item bag. It should fit the underneath-the-seat requirements, for easy accessibility, and be eco-friendly. You don’t get much better than this 2-in-1 Duane Hybrid Briefcase Backpack. It has a removable, padded shoulder strap, 15″ laptop compartment, and internal and external pockets for great organization. I travel with this bag and love it. It’s very functional, durable, and sits nicely atop my carry-on luggage.

Made with discarded plastic water bottles transformed into lightweight, recycled PET polyester yarn in a process that uses 50% less energy, 20% less water an 60% less air pollution to make.

2 – Mini Fold-Up Backpack by Paravel

For those who like to shop Duty Free for snacks, or other, on the plane, but don’t have enough space in the personal item bag, you can bring the stylish, Mini Fold-Up Backpack by Paravel. It will also come in handy for gift shopping without using a store’s single-use plastic bag.

Made from 10 recycled plastic water bottles, this eco-friendly bag comes in an array of colors and can be monogrammed for a personal touch. It folds up so well it takes up very little space in your carry-on.

CORR Eco-Travel

Carry-On closet by Solgaard

Solgaard Carry-On Closet-blue

3 – Slip On Shoes by Allbirds

Cruise through TSA security check, and fly in comfort, with Allbirds’ Tree Loungers for men and women.

Allbirds puts their best eco-foot forward by making these comfy shoes from eucalyptus trees. Lightweight and breathable, they also make a nice walking shoe for casual tourist activities.

4 – Cozy Crew Socks by Allbirds

Allbirds also makes Trino® Cozy Crew socks for him and her. Having a nice pair of mid-calf height socks will keep your feet and ankles warm on the plane. Slip them on under your slip on shoes.

Made from a blend of superfine ZQ Merino wool and other recycled materials, this softie is our coziest sock yet.

These soft socks are made from superfine ZQ Merino wool and other recycled materials, making them carbon neutral. Allbirds also funds high impact carbon projects for further carbon neutrality.

5 – Comfortable Roll-Up Pants by Pact

Go from stylish in the airport to sleeping comfortably in these eco-friendly roll-up pants for men and women by Pact.

Made from 97% fair trade, organic cotton, which uses less water to manufacture, these relaxed pants have a slight stretch, four pockets, elastic waste band with drawstring for better movement, and roll up legs with a pop of color which expand your travel wardrobe’s look. Available in multiple colors.

6 – Lightweight Twill Jacket by Pact

It’s best to dress in layers on a long flight. Top that layer with an eco-friendly, lightweight jacket by Pact and you avoid being chilly on your long-haul flight. It can also fold nicely inside your carry-on luggage.

Made from 97% fair trade, organic cotton, which uses 81% less water to manufacture than conventional cotton, this classy casual jacket has multiple pockets for mobile devices or warming your hands. Men’s jackets come in two colors with a hood. Women’s jackets come in four colors, lined, and with a cinched waste drawstring for a versatile fit.

7 – Inflatable Travel Pillow by NaoBest

I love this inflatable travel pillow by NaoBest, and don’t do long-haul flights without it. Why?

It has a cell phone pocket and a soft, washable cover for cleaning meaning this travel pillow will get use after use without having to buy a new one. Very sustainable.

Plus, it’s light weight, deflates to roll up for little storage space when you’re not using it, and its adjustable for three different positions when you do. Pick a position that works best for you.

This travel pillow is perfect for any traveler.

8 – Organic Sateen Eye Mask by Coyuchi

Not just for home use, sleep well on the plane with an organic sateen eye mask by Coyuchi. The soft, sateen fabric is so soft against your skin for the ultimate comfort and resist wrinkling.

This eye mask is made from 100% organic cotton sourced and woven in India that is GOTS and Fair Trade certified, and Coyuchi participates in 1% for the Planet.

9 – Rechargeable Noise Cancelling Headphones by Sony

Great sound to no sound, pump up your long-haul flight experience with Sony’s WH1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones.

A single charge provides up to 30 hours of playtime for reliable on-flight listening. They come with wireless Bluetooth technology, built-in mic for hands-free calls, Alexa-enabled voice access, touch controls, and uses a HD Noise-Canceling Processor QN1 to adjust ambient sound for a virtual soundproof experience.

Comfortable to wear, these headphones make for for the long flight travel essential. They also rechargeable, which eliminates repeated battery purchases and battery waste, which we like in our eco-friendly travel, right?

10 – Portable Solar Charger by BLAVOR

With the capacity to charge 3 devices at once, you can charge your Climate Pledge Friendly mobile phone, tablet and laptop all at once on a long-haul flight with BLAVOR’s popular solar-charged 10,000mAh wireless power bank. How much more sustainable can you get than that?

Dustproof, shockproof and waterproof, this compact charger with flashlight is the travel essential you can literally take anywhere and keep your devices charged. It’s reasonably priced, too.

11 – Travel Wallet & Passport Holder by Zero Grid

Nothing beats security while traveling, especially if you’re traveling solo. Keep your travel essentials secure with this concealed travel wallet and passport holder by Zero you can wear over your neck and slim enough to wear under your clothes. It can be used without the neck sling in your day bag, too.

It has Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) skimming protection for your passport and credit cards and three pockets to keep money, tickets, mobile device and more all in one place for easy access. Ideal for airports. If you lose everything else but this on your travels, you’ll still be good to go. Available in five different colors. 

12 – Reusable Water Bottle & Filter by Katadyn

Another zero waste option to eliminate plastic water bottles and single-use plastic cups: the reusable BeFree 1L water bottle and filter by Katadyn for purified water on-the-go.

No more carrying a bulky water bottle. What makes this water bottle great, especially for travel, is it is light weight and collapsible fitting in those tight baggage spaces. BPA free with a built-in water filter, it’s the perfect option for traveling abroad and camping. It hasn’t let me down. You can also buy replacement filters making this the longest-lasting, sustainable water bottle.

13 – Collapsible Cup by ME.FAN

Another product I love. For hot and cold drinks, these little collapsible cups by ME.FAN are perfect for air travel.  Made from food-grade silicon BPA-free, these are lightweight, fit in small bags, and come in an array of colors.

The little base helps the cup from tipping during plane turbulence. It also comes with a lid, just in case, to prevent spillage. This little baby is sure to catch the eye of the airline attendant on your eco-friendly travel. Show them you care about the environment and say, “No plastic cup for me. I brought my own.”

14 – Bamboo Travel Utensil Set by Bamboo Essentials

You’ll be passing up the plastic utensils and reducing waste while traveling with Bamboo Essentials’ bamboo travel utensil set. I like mine because they take up little room, are light weight and durable, and come with a stylish pouch (available in 20 different colors), with carabiner I can hook to anything during my solo travel.

Made from natural, vegan, and eco-friendly bamboo, the utensils are sealed in a food-safe wood oil. Wash them by hand or in the dishwasher. Made from bamboo instead of steel prevents setting off any airport security.

15 – Teca Cotton Face Mask by Cotopaxi

During a pandemic the face mask, unfortunately, is the travel essential not to forget. As long as an N95 mask is not required, use Cotopaxi’s teca cotton face mask. You should see how many colors they come in!

This reversible, eco-friendly face mask is made in the USA from organic cotton, dyed naturally in Indigo, and comes in biodegradable packaging. Light weight and breathable for your long flight, this mask can protect yourself and others while easing your eco-consciousness. Cotopaxi is always doing good.

Let Me Hear From You

I would love to hear if any of these 15 long-haul flight essentials were helpful in your solo travel over 50. Post me your thoughts or questions in the Comments section below. Thank you!

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