Innsbruck on a Budget 1 Day Itinerary

Best 1 Day in Innsbruck Itinerary

UPDATED 2/14/23

If you’re using my How to See Italy and Austria in 2 Weeks Solo, and planned your 2 days in Verona, you’re ready to venture into Austria and find out how to spend the best 1 day in Innsbruck on a budget solo trip that’s full of amazing food and beer, outdoor activities, scenic Alps, history and beautiful architecture.

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Innsbruck on a Budget (or Not)

It is possible to see Innsbruck on a budget as a single traveler. To help provide more Innsbruck budgeting options, peruse my Guide to Budget European Accommodations for additional accommodation-planning.

Let me state here that when I say “budget”, I mean your daily travel expenses could total €150 or less, which is possible. It’s up to you on where you wish to budget (accommodations, excursions, etc.), and how far in advance you book. Some attractions can be seen without a tour, which will save you money, of course.

This 1 day in Innsbruck itinerary and Innsbruck travel guide can work for anyone, however, budget or not.

Ok, now let’s get you to Innsbruck.

Innsbruck Solo Travel Packing Essentials

Why Go to Innsbruck?

Innsbruck is the capital of the Tyrol region of Austria. Nestled in the Inn Valley on the Inn and Sill Rivers, between the Alps and the Nordkette mountain range, Innsbruck is surrounded by jaw-dropping, beautiful scenery. It is no wonder the Hapsburg Royal family chose Innsbruck as the location for their summer home, the Imperial Palace

Visiting Innsbruck in one day offers indoor and outdoor activities in and surrounding the town to enjoy at any time of year, especially in winter with skiing and ski jumping being very popular. In fact, Innsbruck hosted the Olympic Winter Games in 1964 and 1976.

Getting Around Innsbruck

Arriving Innsbruck

You could fly into the Innsbruck Airport, but since you’re using my 2 week Italy and Austria itinerary, you’re arriving by train into Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof (Innsbruck Central Station) from Verona.

If you’re using my 14 day Austria and Germany itinerary, you’ll still be arriving by train into Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof but from Salzburg.

Innsbruck is Walkable

The Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof is on the east side of Innsbruck’s city center, from which you can easily walk to your city center hotel or hostel, or take a hotel shuttle if your hotel offers one.

Innsbruck’s historic center rests between the Sill River on the east and the larger, Inn River on the west side. The Innestadt (Downtown) and Altstadt (Old Town) sections of the city center holds Innsbruck’s main activities and attractions, all of which are doable on foot.

If are doing Innsbruck on a budget, don’t worry because you do not need a car rental. Walk, rent a bike, or take Innsbruck public transportation for activities within and outside the city. These are budget and eco-friendly modes of transportation.


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Where to Stay in Innsbruck

To save time on your one day in Innsbruck, I recommend staying within the circled area on the Innsbruck map:

Where to stay in Innsbruck Austria map
Where to stay in Innsbruck

Innsbruck Hotels and More

Innsbruck city center is not very large, so Innsbruck accommodations across all budget types may book quickly. Going in the off season, or booking well in advance, will get you the best Innsbruck accommodation choices and prices.

Many accommodations may not let you check in until 2-4pm, but if available, have them store your luggage until your room is ready so you can get out and enjoy 1 day Innsbruck itinerary.

Book a Travel Sustainable-rated property in Innsbruck, or at least employs these methods into their business to reduce your travel carbon footprint.

Innsbruck Hotels

For location, price, breakfast, amenities (including free-cancellation), eco-friendly and sustainable operations, and customer reviews and ratings, here are my best hotels in Innsbruck recommendations ideal for your 1 day in Innsbruck over 50 (i.e., where I would stay):

For budget purposes, but not as eco-friendly, my hotel recommendation with breakfast and taxes included at €65 per night is Hotel Goldene Krone Innsbruck. It is in a fabulous location – walking distance to the train station and Innsbruck attractions – with a very nice breakfast, friendly staff, and includes all of the amenities you would need as a mature single traveler.

Eco Travel Tips

In addition to’s Innsbruck’s Travel Sustainable properties, Green Globe and Green Key Global also have eco-friendly certified lodging options.

Innsbruck Hostels

Innsbruck hostels can be where to stay in Innsbruck on a budget on over 50 single travel. Using the same conditions, with the ability to get a private room, however, I cannot find a suitable hostel to recommend that employ many sustainability initiatives.

The closest recommendation for a hostel in Innsbruck would be Montagu Hostel.

Budget Travel Tips

Hostels in Innsbruck could start from around €35-40/night, depending on what amenities and location you want. Note, these are usually for a bed in a dorm room.

A private room with a private or shared bathroom in an Innsbruck city center hostel may be hard to find and could cost the same, if not more, than a budget hotel.

Top Things to do in Innsbruck

Much of the top Innsbruck attractions can be done in a one day itinerary should you be able to start early. Most attractions will open at 9 to 10am and close by 5pm, so the earlier you can start your day in Innsbruck the better.

To save time, it may help to get the Innsbruck City Card, which includes public transportation and access to museums, attractions, cable cars, and the hop-on hop-off bus. Get the Innsbruck Card in advance and you’re off.

Hofburg Palace Innsbruck Austria 1 Day Itinerary
Hofburg Palace

Keep in mind that some of these are also free things to do in Innsbruck. Bonus if you’re on a budget.

  • Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen – take the Hungerburgbahn funicular from the city center up the mountain, and in 8 minutes you’ll have great views. Then switch to the to a cable car for a ride to the top for spectacular views of Innsbruck.
  • Schloss Ambras (Ambras Castle) – 4.5km southeast of the city center and perched on the hill, this fortress was acquired by Archduke Ferdinand II in 16th century, which he changed to a palace complete with beautiful gardens and the Spanish Hall (Spanische Saal) as its centerpiece. The gallery also hosts van Dyck and Velázquez original works.
  • Innenstadt (Downtown) – stroll the Maria-Theresien Strasse, Innsbruck’s main shopping street filled with quaint shops and outdoor dining. In December to early January the Christmas Market is famous for drawing crowds with its holiday splendor.
  • Innsbruck Aldstadt (Old Town) – Just west of the Innenstadt, Aldstadt is filled with more shops and restaurants in centuries old buildings.
  • Annasaule (St. Anna’s Column) – on Maria-Theresien-Strasse, St. Anne’s Column, one of the iconic Innsbruck landmarks, was erected in 1703 and named for St. Anne’s Day when the Bavarian troops were driven from the region at the end of the War of the Spanish Succession.
  • Hofburg Imperial Palace – originally built as a castle for Archduke Sigmund the Rich in the 15th century, it was expanded and upgraded by Emperor Maximilian I in the 16th century and Empress Maria Theresia in the 18th century where you can still see her baroque final touches and the Giant’s Hall done in the rococo style.
  • Hofgarten – the adjoining, sprawling gardens idyllic for fresh air and natural beauty at the base of the Alps.
Hofgarten Innsbruck Austria 1 Day Itinerary
  • Hofkirche Cathedral (Court Church) – a beautiful, 16th century Gothic structure built as a mausoleum for Maximilian I by Ferdinand I. You can see Maximilian I’s tomb housed in the Silver Chapel.
  • Dom zu St. Jakob (Cathedral of St. James) – 18th century Baroque cathedral dedicated to the apostle Saint James.
  • Stadtturm (Innsbruck City Tower) – Landmark watchtower built in the 1400s with an observation deck & a copper-clad onion dome. Offers amazing views of the Innsbruck skyline and Alps.
  • Goldenes Dachl & Museum (The Golden Roof) – Gothic building built for Emperor Maximilian I showcasing 2657 fire-gilt copper tiles. You can tour yourself or purchase an audio guide.
Golden Roof & Innsbruck Market 1 Day Itinerary
Golden Roof

Other Innsbruck Attractions

Here are other great attractions to see that you can see during your day in Innsbruck or on a second day should you have extra time.

Innsbruck Events Calendar

If it helps in planning what you would like to see, here is a list of annual events held in Innsbruck and the Tyrol region.

Make Sure to Do This on your Day in Innsbruck

Innsbruck Dining

If you need some help on trying to find out where to dine, you cannot go wrong with meandering along the Maria-Theresien Strasserestaurants and bars.  Here are also some additional helpful dining and drinking suggestions:

  • Like beer? Do a self-guided Innsbruck beer route to see and sample beers in Innsbruck’s breweries and taverns. Alternatively, make one stop into Tribaun for pizza and a wide selection of craft beers on tap.
  • My recommendation for a solid, Austrian meal at a reasonable price is Stiftskeller Innsbruck. Try their warm cheesecake-strudel with vanilla sauce. Yum.
  • Innsbruck also has cheap eats if you’re doing Innsbruck on a budget.
outdoor dining Innsbruck Austria 1 Day Itinerary
Innsbruck outdoor dining

1 Day in Innsbruck Itinerary

Here is my suggested Innsbruck 1 day itinerary that is bound to keep you busy and completely entertained while enjoying the culture without sacrificing on comfort or activities.

Innsbruck on a Budget Tip

The itinerary below includes staying at the suggested Innsbruck budget hotel, but does not include lunch, dinner, or using the Innsbruck City Card, which could possibly save more money.

This itinerary is an example of how single travelers can see Innsbruck on a budget with top Innsbruck attractions, for possibly at €150 a day, if booked well in advance and the right tour or entry tickets are chosen.

1 Day in Innsbruck Itinerary

  • Arrive Innsbruck early / check bags at hotel
  • Maria-Theresien Strasse/ Anne’s Column / Innestadt exploring
  • Innsbruck City Tower
  • Goldenes Dachl & Museum
  • Innsbruck Aldstadt exploring, shopping, and lunch
  • Dom zu St. Jakob
  • Hofburg Imperial Palace (free on Sundays)
  • Hofgarten
  • Schloss Ambras (with Sightseer Bus ticket) OR Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen
  • Hotel

For a full 24 hours in Innsbruck, try catching any of the above that you may have missed, or just keep wandering within Innsbruck, to expand your Innsbruck experience before hotel check out.

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Let Me Hear From You

I would love to hear if this 1 day in Innsbruck on a budget was helpful to you. Post me your thoughts or questions in the Comment section below. Thank you!

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