Ways to Travel Without Traveling Over 50

10 Easy Ways to Travel Without Traveling

There may be reasons why you can’t travel when you want to (who said “pandemic”?), but don’t fret. There are ways to feel like you’re getting away without leaving home. Try these 10 ways to travel without traveling over 50. They’ll get you through those tough, non-travel times.

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10 Ways to Travel Without Leaving Home

1 – Tackle Travel Puzzles


Dreamy Santorini – 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Gold old school on travel inspiration with a classic jigsaw puzzle. What better way to pass the chilly days of winter alone or with your family? Be inspired with awe-inspiring destinations, like Santorini, Greece. I love this island and can’t wait to go back. If you’ve never been to Santorini, but want to travel without flying, get this puzzle. It may even motivate you to do that solo trip to Santorini Greece. Need more inspiration? Check out Buffalo Games Amazon store for more gorgeous global locations.

2 – Imbibe Cocktails from Around the World


“Behind the Bar: 50 Cocktail Recipes from the World’s Most Iconic Hotels”

Try some global spirits to lift your travel spirits with this cocktail recipes book. There is nothing like imbibing from around the world while you’re immobile waiting on your next trip to come. Learn 50 signature cocktails from the most iconic hotel bars across the world, appealing to tried-and-true cocktail lovers and design aficionados alike. It also shares anecdotes from barkeeps and hotel and design personalities. Add it to your travel collection.

3 – Get a Travel Magazine


Magazine Subscription – 1 Year

Travel magazines are a must for staying in the travel mood. There are so many good ones out there it may be hard to just pick one. Global Traveler, however, is a great place to start. Add more subscriptions when you’re ready – it supports travel journalism and you get amazing travel ideas and tips from the pros. If you’re willing to tear your eyes away from CORR Travel, that is.

4 – Get Gastronomic Globally


Around the World Cookbook: Over 350 Authentic Recipes

Whether you’re solo at home or not, dip into this cookbook to whip up some global, traditional favorites for yourself or your family.  With over 350 recipes, you can travel gastronomically with recipes like Indian Tandoori, African Beef in Aubergine Sauce, Italian Chocolate Bread, and Chinese Dim Sum. This cookbook is sure to keep your pallet as adventurous as your spirit.

5 – Get a Wine Subscription


Wine Subscription

Dive into the world of wine with a wine subscription from Bright Cellars. Bright Cellars will ship directly to your home (states may vary).  Treat yourself!

6 – Sip Wine Direct from Italy


Italian Wine Selection

Ok, can you tell I like wine?  Well, if you like it as much as I do, why not expand on your wine cellar and have wines shipped directly from some of Italy’s best vineyards? Find all types of varietals from Italy’s best wine regions. Don’t like wine? Try the olive oils or vinegars. Shop to your heart’s content and let Italy come to you.  Yum.

7 – Expand Your Travel Bucket List

Patricia Schultz

“1,000 Places to See Before You Die” (2nd Ed.)

I have this book and I have to tell you it sure is hard to read without picturing yourself in these amazing places. In fact, this book brought the Melk Abbey in Austria to my attention. What happened? I saw it when I went wine tasting in Wachau Valley, which I highly recommend. Get this book. It will give you travel ideas you may have not have thought of before.

8 – Learn a Foreign Language


Unlimited Languages

Communication across languages not only breaks down barriers, but it also provides an appreciation for different cultures and builds in travel safety on solo travel. While you’re dreaming of travel at home, take the time to brush up on the local language! This is an investment in yourself that only ads value to your travels.

9 – Watch Travel Movies


Monthly Subscription

I love movies. I love movies based in global locations even more. I get great ideas on where to travel through movies. A subscription through Hulu, for example, can allow you to watch as many travel movies as you want for epic couch travel.

10 – Take a Virtual Museum Tour


Quest 2

Transcending couch travel is virtual reality travel. Yep, virtual reality isn’t just for games. Through your Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality set, you can download the free Boulevard museum app and get a tour of museums in the U.S. and England! All combined, it is a less expensive way to get to the best art museums when you can’t go in person. Perfect if you’re an art nut like me.

Let Me Hear From You

I would love to hear if these 10 ways to travel without traveling over 50 were helpful to you. Post me your thoughts or questions in the Comments section below. Thank you!

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