Never been to San Francisco?

Long layover in San Francisco and don’t want to sit in the airport?

Want to see some of the BEST OF San Francisco in one day?​

On a budget? Don’t want to rent a car?

Let CORR Travel be YOUR solo travel guide and make your San Francisco travel planning easier so YOU get the MOST out of your solo trip.

I create all of my own travel itineraries and walking maps for my own solo travel.

I had such a great time experiencing the BEST OF San Francisco attractions on my last layover in California, I had to share. I’m also a former local, so I know the TOP sights.

I’m giving you my San Francisco in a Day Walking Map for FREE to have a great time, too!

My TRIED AND TRUE Top Sights in San Francisco in 1 Day Walking Map outlines how to check bags in the airport, catch transportation to the city, and the 8 TOP San Francisco sights you can see in 1 day in San Francisco without renting a car.

The walking map shows you where where to start and end your walking tour, so you can plan your EPIC San Francisco solo travel over 50.

Dragons Gate China Town 1 Day in San Francisco
Fishermans Wharf sign San Francisco
Stinking Rose window sign San Francisco on Foot

Use all of it or some of it. It’s up to you.

Just DON’T forget to download it.

What are you waiting for?

San Francisco Day Walking Map on Foot downloadable map image

Get your FREE Walking Map below

San Francisco in a Day Walking Map at your fingertips with a clickable link to CORR Travel’s San Francisco in 1 Day Walking Map FULL walking route, start to finish.

Stop searching for sites to plan your long layover and what to do for an awesome San Francisco day. I got you!

CORR Travel
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