Never been to Milan?

Want to see the BEST OF Milan in a short period of time?​

Unsure what to do in Milan alone?​

Want day trips from Milan ideas?​

On a budget? Don’t want to rent a car?

Let CORR Travel be YOUR solo travel guide and make your Milan travel planning easier so YOU get the MOST out of your solo trip.

I create all of my own travel itineraries for my own solo travel.

I had such a great time experiencing the BEST OF Milan attractions on my solo trip in Italy, I had to share.

I’m giving you my 2 Days in Milan Itinerary for FREE to have a great time, too!

My TRIED AND TRUE Milan 2 Day Travel Itinerary outlines what you can see and do each day in Milan, and more, so you can plan your EPIC Milan solo travel over 50.

Sforza Castle_Milan Italy 2 Day Itinerary
Boat on water Varenna Lake Como Italy
Town of Varenna on Lake Como Italy

Use all of it or some of it. It’s up to you.

Just DON’T forget to download it.

What are you waiting for?

Milan 2 Day Travel Itinerary-FREE Printable images

Grab your FREE itinerary below

Milan 2 Day Itinerary at your fingertips with clickable links to CORR Travel’s Italy Travel Guide and links to sites for Milan hotels, trains, buses, attractions, AND MORE.

Stop searching for sites to plan and book where to go, how to get there, and what to do in Milan. I got you!

CORR Travel
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